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Put my post in Great Debates without asking me, and that’s what you get!


Jesus! Take a look at my posts, you Dopers who feel threatened by them! I can’t even hold a frickin’ CANDLE to most of you, intelligence-wise! But let me ask a question: (no matter how innocent and “wood-work squeaks and out come the freaks!”) Do y’all really feel so threatened by me that you won’t even let me ask a question or have an opinion!!!

And remember, it started off in Cafe Society and got moved to Great Debates to make me look like an idjit, because as I have said before I can’t compete with any of the great minds there! Somebody needed to make somebody look “ignernt” didn’t they?

Be that as it may, I still love this site. It has helped me immeasurably in my life and I am grateful for that. Y’all have fun, but remember: sometimes someone may ask a question and treads carefully into a sensitive subject and intends no harm. Before you attack, please ask what is meant and give them the opportunity to explain? Just because they have 3K plus posts to their name doesn’t mean they are geniuses, and I am the prime example.

**SLAM! ** :smiley:


For anybody who is confused, here’s the forum-hopping thread to which Quasimodem is referring.

I wonder if this shouldn’t be in the Pit. Meanwhile, Quasi, I will politely inquire how long you intend to keep going with this “you don’t understand/you’re threatened by me” canard.

Marley: Get a life, okay? I really am not worth it, and we don’t need to move this to the Pit. Just wanted to let y’all know that in yall’s eyes I made a mistake, but am willing to stick to the guns of said mistake.

Why did you even bother to respond if I am no threat to you?

And I was invited to bring this here, if you will remember.

God! I am reminded of the parable of the two stupid cows here: One had all the green grass on one side, and the other was wishing she could share it, but she was too proud to come over because she was afraid of what the other cows might think of her, even though she thought she might be a bit smarter and offer the first one her knowledge. So they both remained stupid and never met.

Don’t bother looking it up. There is no such parable that I am aware of.

I made it all up.



I’m fine, thanks.

Did you feel like you didn’t make that clear during the thread?

:confused: It’s a message board. Responding is what it’s for. I have no idea what way you think you can threaten me or anybody here- 'cuz, like I said, it’s a message board.

God, I am rolling around laughing here ! Here I am offering a mea culpa of sorts and I have gotten into your side so badly you cannot accept it.

Think about it. Have you ever been in the same situation?

Dude, Chill


No! Let him at least keep going until we start seeing posts that look like this:

The Parable of the Cows

See there were these two cows not real cows metaphorical cows Holsteins maybe it doesn’t matter yeah definitely Holsteins and each cow was on either side of a fence not a metaphorical fence a real fence made of wood or rocks or something like that none of your barbed wire around here nosireebob anyway on one side of the fence was a smart farmer’s property where everything was nice and green and on the other side some stupid farmer was grazing his cow in like a gravel pit or something so I mean you can see the problem even if you’re not a cow anyway this poor cow whose name was Gertie by the way wanted to go over to the green side and see the smart farmer’s cow whose name was Rorschach ‘cause well never mind if you don’t get it I can’t explain it without ruining the whole joke you’ll just have to wait ‘til it suddenly hits you one day when you’re thinking about something else that’s the way it always works for me except I usually get the jokes the first time just sayin’ anyway everybody said Gertie was too ugly but really it was that they were all ducks but Gertie was a SWAN and oh wait a minute that’s not it Gertie wasn’t a swan she was a cow and she wasn’t ugly she was she was shewasshewasshewasshewasSHY yes shy that’s it and the other cows weren’t very helpful even though Gertie could have told the smart farmer’s cow a thing or two for instance did you know that authors Dan Brown and Salman Rushdie both had secretaries named Lincoln or maybe it was Kennedy it doesn’t matter anyway PRETTY FREAKIN’ EERIE wouldn’t you say but poor Gertie never made it so she just kept on eating stupid gravel but the smart cow IT’S BECAUSE HOLSTEINS HAVE THESE BLACK AND WHITE PATTERNS THAT LOOK LIKE INK BLOTS GET IT anyway the smart cow she starts eating the grass but it turns out not to be just nice mellow grass instead its all these millions of little green pills like ankle deep all over the place and the smart cow eats about three of them with a Dr. Pepper and a Twinkie and then it’s like she suddenly remembers something she REALLY has to do so she gallops back to the barn where they have internet access and she does some seriously cogent and meaningful posting for some hours but pretty soon now she thinks she’ll go back to her stall maybe and, you know, crash for a while.

I was going to move this to the Pit, but frankly, the thread’s not worth that much energy.

Quasimodem, I’m not sure why you’re obsessed with this subject, but regardless of those reasons, this thread never belonged in MPSIMS. If you honestly feel you want to take on the other Dopers, you’ll need to have that party in the Pit.

(As a small token of advice, however, I suggest you don’t go through with that notion. I’m afraid your experience wouldn’t be pleasant and you (probably) won’t get treated kindly.)