Creepy blood takers.

Every 8 weeks I give blood. No big deal, just like to do it and it lets me get out of work early. Not to mention that I have a rationale for not working out that night and just relaxing.

But the last four or five times I’ve donated, I’ve had a strange experience. A few days after the donation I’ll get home from work to find a message on my phone. It’s from an employee from the blood bank thanking me for my donation. OK, nothing creepy about that per se, but the man reciting the message is effing creepy. On *Family Guy * there was an old man who had the hots for Chris when he was delivering papers. This guy sounds EXACTLY like that. Every time I hear that message, all I can think about is that old man talking to Chris Griffin, “Come here and let me look at that muscle-y arm paper boy. I have a tip for you but it’s in my pocket where I can’t reach.”