Creepy, ominous SD comments pre 9/11

While looking up an old thread (which was actually a rather unfortunate Great Debate-gone-wrong on national missile defense back when that was a hot media topic) for, uh, another purpose, I found the following comments by me:

And minty green:

And me again:

The above comments were made in May 2001 - about four months before Sept. 11.

I’m callin’ TIPS!

Does the U.S. have any air defence besides aircraft?

One month before, and makes reference to using airliners as virtual suicide craft. :eek:

Very :eek:

Milossarian. Hmm. Might want to change that name. Not that it’s in a stereotype. Just so you lose your post count! hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s too slow to search, but I remember a GQ asking the meaning of ground zero, just a few days before Sept. 11.

This thread about whether or not there was enough runway space to land all planes at once was dated September 4, 2001. A little too close for comfort.

Here is the ‘Ground Zero’ thread.

lel, that thread about the possibility of landing all the planes at once stands out… one of many “how weird is that?” items from last year.

All in all, I think the creepiest, most ominous pre 9-11 message board thread was that one at an aviation message board (Airliners?) from November 2000-- “If A 707 Hit The World Trade Center?” A long thread, which, after some meandering, came to pretty accurate conclusions. I sure would have hated to be the guy who started that one.

Hey, I found the link

** Larry Mudd ** – very eerie – that archived link.

In fairness, the question of a 707 flying into the WTC is not eerie at all. After all, that’s what the designer of the building claimed it could withstand.

It’s still a little bit unsettling how they discuss the possible number of dead, as well as the affects on the steel and glass. But in November 2000, September 11th was just another day.