Creepy or Endearing? (Spybot Guy)

I am sure most of you are familiar with the program Spybot. Well, if you go to the FAQ #29 (vague references are also found in the licensing agreement), you can view the passage copied below. It is as follows:

So the creator of Spybot has written a love declaration into the program. If you were Sandra Klass, would you be honored or horrified?

My reaction would depend on what the real-life relationship was.

I’d be oggified he used my real name. This programmer has some serious common sense and boundary isses. Good program though.



Declarations of that magnitude about someone one isn’t a) boning or b) trying to bone? It’s simply not done.

Yeah he’s totally in creepsburgh. Somewhere down the line that guy is gonna be cringing about that FAQ.

Wow, Daniel Johnston wrote Spybot?

Nervous, very nervous, it is “Spybot - Search & Destroy” :eek: !

CMC fnord!