Cremation Or Burial?

Yeah, morbid thought, but have you decided?

Have you let anybody know so when the time comes…

Cremation. Cemetaries are the second-biggest waste of real estate after churches. My family knows I want to be cremated but I suppose I ought to write it down somewhere…

Neither… I have asked my family to bury me at sea.

Burial…I want to leave a hideous, dessicated corpse behind. For future generations to enjoy.

Anatomical gift society…then cremation. I’ve asked the ol’ man to plant a tree atop my ashes. I’ll probably be much more helpful dead than alive.

Well they’re both nasty. If we burn her, she gets stuffed in the flames, crackle, crackle, crackle, which is a bit of a shock if she’s not quite dead. But quick. And then you get a box of ashes, which you can pretend are hers…

Or, if you don’t wanna fry her, you can bury her. And then she’ll get eaten up by maggots and weevils, nibble, nibble, nibble, which isn’t so hot if, as I said, she’s not quite dead.


Are you proposing we eat my Mother?

Cremation for me. I want my ashes to be scattered on the same lake where I was baptized and married. Seems fitting. But first I want my friends and family to have a huge keg party with me, or what’s left of me.

Total body donor here and cremate what ever is left. I’m with Otto on the waste of real estate deal. The whole wake thing creeps me out by the way. Peolpe always say s/he looks so good and natural. I’m always thinking no s/he looks dead. ::shudder::

My wishes are well known but not written down.

Cremation. Half of my ashes are to be spread at some property that has been in my family since the 1600s, and the other half is to be spread in the ocean in the South Pacific. I’ve already made provisions (via an insurance policy) for the cost of getting my cremains half-way around the world.

Instructions have all been written down and witnessed, and are kept in the safe deposit box along with my will, medical directive, and medical power of attorney.

Donation - Cremation - Fertilizer

or, as I like to think it…

Re-Use, Reduce, Recycle.

Keeping all that in a safe deposit box is a BAD idea. As soon as the bank finds out you’re dead, they seal it, and your family can’t get into it until probate is over. You’re better off leaving those things with your lawyer, or putting it in a home safe. But then, I’m just a drooling Peeninsular… :wink:

Mentioned many times before, I’m opting for cremation because there is no one place I want to be put to rest, plus I hate the idea of being sealed in a concrete box until the earth is sucked into the final black hole. I won’t have need for the molecules in my body after I’m dead, so return them to the cycle of life.

If I had a ton of money: Mummification. Mummies are so cool!

The way it’ll probably happen: Cremation.

I want to sleep with the fishes

If my gem of a husband goes first, I’ll have his ashes compressed into a diamond. We have no real geographic roots, so there’s no place significant for burial or scattering of ashes and I don’t want to haul a box of ashes around. (Unless one of his sons wants to be the keeper of the ashes.) On the other hand maybe he’ll want to be “reefed”, too.

[George Carlin]
I don’t want to be buried, I don’t want to be cremated.

I want to blown up!
[/George carlin]

OK, since you’d need all kinds of special permits for a detonation, plus the unslightly mess to the neighbors’ brick and stucco, I’m going with cremation. The whole burial thing is a crock of shit.

Cremate me, divvy my ashes up, sprinkle 'em in some nice places with mountains and streams, maybe the Catskills, the Smokies.

Better yet, get some seats behind the visitor’s dugout in Yankee Stadium when the wind is blowing out to right field, and just let me slip out slowly over the course of the game. :slight_smile:

Ashes To Ashes,
Dust To Dust
Get Where Your Goin’
Eternal Combustion. :slight_smile:

Cremation, ashes to Yellowstone.

I can handle of being eaten my maggots, but burial these days involves putting your corpse in an airtight box and letting anaerobic bacteria liquify you. I’m sure that, even dead, I’d find a way to be upset by this.

You’re right - which is why I have the original in the safe deposit box and extra copies in my fire box in my closet.

I’m kind of fascinated by the idea of being cremated and then having my ashes put into a rather large concrete slab-brick type thing with my name chiseled on it, and having the whole thing deposited somewhere on the campus of my old high school.

Knowing how fascinating a big slab of ash-concrete with some guy’s name chiseled on it would be at a all-boys high school is kind of cool. Especially if I’m ever loaded enough to donate a big amount of money to the school and get something named after me.

I like the idea of people touching the brick on their way to tests, or before a football game, etc…

Yup, I learned about this from this lovely column of Cecil’s. Yuck!

I’ve always liked the idea of a classical funeral–and by “classical” I mean ancient Greek/Roman. Ever since I first read descriptions of funerals in Greek myths, I’ve always preferred cremation. A blazing funeral pyre, or being lowered into the earth as maggot-food? No contest.

Cremation has a way of expressing the finality of death that burial does not–there will be no resurrection of the physical body, so let’s not even pretend that I’ll be “resting” or “sleeping” in a grave. Let me burn.

I would like to have most of my ashes scattered somewhere in Florence, Italy (it would be great if they could just let them fly from the top of the duomo, but I’ve got a feeling the local authorities wouldn’t be too keen on the idea). The rest of my ashes can be buried in my family plot, as a purely symbolic gesture.