Cricket- Danish Kaneria Found Guilty Of Spot Fixing

Story here.

I hope he gets a long time away from playing cricket.

How did the other guy get sent to prison for match fixing?

He is one of the few Hindus to play for Pakistan or reach national prominence. Actually probably, he is the most prominent Hindu ever, since a former Chief Justice and a gay fashion designer are not exactly well known. He is also the most successful Pakistani leg spinner ever.

Why Danny why?

And while playing for…Kent?

I love reading about cricket. As an Americaner, it’s like reading in a foreign language that I almost, but not quite, speak.

Anyway, can someone just kind of translate what level the accused// convicted fellow plays at? Is he basically the equivalent of a top-division footballer who plays for (and gets paid by) for a professional team and his national team and considers them roughly equal in importance? (Since I only ever hear about international cricket; I kind of assume this is not really the case)

And, since I doubt he gets paid like a Rooney or Ronaldo, what kind of pay scale are we talking about for such a fellow?

English county cricket is the top level of professional competition, other than internationals. In football terms, Kaneria played for Barcelona, Paris St. Germain, Juventus or Chelsea.

Quercus, it is difficult to answer your question about how much the players get paid because it varies so much, not only between players but between countries.

Players from Australia are better paid than their rivals from New Zealand or Bangladesh. However, on top of that their is the Indian Premier League where players can get a lot of money for playing hit and giggle stuff.

Add to that- and I know AK84 will be able to clarify this- I understand some players from the Sub Continent can get promoted from a rural village where there is virtually no money so the lure of any “extra cash” can be enticing.

The players don’t make as much as professional soccer players. However, the Australian captain would be on a retainer of half a million or more, plus match payments, plus whatever endorsements are allowed. A match payment for a 20/20 game is about $4250- not a huge amount. Tests are worth a great deal more.

As I mentioned above, the IPL has really changed the landscape as in players now have to rethink if they want to play for their country or line their pockets. It is not always possible to do both.