I used to work at an aquarium store and we had crickets in stock to sell to fishkeepers/lizard people. They were kept in a big aquarium full of egg cartons. Some customer would come by and request say - oh I dunno - 100 crickets. I would then have to sit there, plunge my hands into the crawling tank, and yes, count out exactly 100 crickets.

Gosh, if my singing was that bad you could have just told me so, or sent me a nice e-mail.

While you’re in the garage, can you straighten things up a bit? At least I think you’re in the garage. After that I will stomp you to death.

You want me to clean the garage only to find foot stomping waiting for me?
I might be a little off here, but isn’t that kind of counter productive for myself wouldn’t it?
I mean here I am singing you a lovely love song and this is how you thank me?
Maybe I should invite some friends over and you could have your very own choir. Would that be better? Maybe I’m just a bad soloist.

Alrighty, how 'bout just learn a new song. At least a new note, please?

LOL!! Bruce_Daddy, I’m so sorry you’re having drama with the crickets and your lazy kitty and all, but your Pit thread is awful damn funny. :smiley: Well, at any rate, I do hope you solve your cricket problem and that your kitty will get motivated to help you. I’d love to lend you my kitty. She just loves chasing and hunting bugs. :slight_smile: She might could set an example for your kitty, and it would give her something to do to keep her from being bored.

I deplore crickets - major childhood phobia.

A few years ago in Dallas, we had an infusion of the evil insects - in the summer. You think the chirping is bad? Let’s talk about the smell of crickets baking on the sidewalks.


Mmmmmm … baked crickets!


In homage to Zenster

Chocolate Covered Crickets
25 adult crickets
Several squares of semisweet chocolate
Prepare the crickets as described above. Bake at 250 degrees until crunchy (the time needed varies from oven to oven). Heat the squares of semi sweet chocolate in a double boiler until melted. Dip the dry roasted crickets in the melted chocolate one by one, and then set the chocolate covered crickets out to dry on a piece of wax paper. Enjoy! This is a little time consuming to make, but definitely worth it…the crickets are deliciously crunchy!



Well, if it makes them shut the hell up and gets rid of that horrid smell, I might have to use that recipe …eh, no, I cannot do it.

That would be a really fun appetizer for parties – “hey, guess what you just ate?”

Whoa, hold up there a minute!
Now your talking about eating them? Covering them in chocolate…warm melty chocolate…

I think I need to get alot of waxed paper for this one. Maybe a tarp.

Whew! For a minute there, I was a fraid to say anything…I like the sound of them, too. Glad I’m not the only one.

Yes. They are wonderful to listen to.

Outside. Not in the house. When there’s just one.



You’re complaining about crickets!!!??

Try living through the 17th year of the 17teen year cicada.

Now those fuckers make noise.

And after you’re up all night listening to them, you get to walk around your backyard seping on there little carapaces.

Crickets? Feh.


So, I’m reading this thread (since chirping crickets in the house drive me bonkers, too) and then get up to go to the restroom. What do I see? A cricket*. In a show of support/sympathy to Bruce_Daddy and all the other cricket-sufferers, I caught the cricket, tossed it in the toilet, proceeded with my original intention wrt the toilet, then flushed it.

*This is not an unusual occurrence here. I work at a large, public display aquarium with a rain forest component. Every week our herpetologists pick up several dozens containers of the little chirping bastards. Inevitably, a percentage of these get loose. They’re all over the building. Since overseeing pest control is one of my duties (and the company that handles our pest control will not deal with the crickets since they’re a problem we sort of purposely inflict upon ourselves), I make it a habit of capturing all the ones I see and either tossing them into one of the exhibits on this level as “environmental enrichment” for the fish OR (if the building’s crowded with visitors) flushing it.

These little critters pale in comparison, however, with the horrors that lurk in my basement–cave crickets. In appearance they are not unlike some unholy union between spiders and “normal” crickets. While I’m not generally insecto-phobic, these things just creep me out.