Crime committed by your citizens against another country?

As the Palestinian-Israeli crisis starts to wind down just in time for Thanksgiving, it seems clear to me that even with a cease fire, and all official Government bodies agreeing to a deal, that some violence is expected to continue, which could certainly re-ignite the main conflict. How is that dealt with by the two parties in a treaty? I assume this must happen at the end of every major conflict…

For example, Hamas says the bombing of an Israeli bus yesterday was not their doing. Perhaps that is true, but if Palestinian citizens are taking the fight to the Israelis on an individual basis, how is that handled? Can one ever really determine if a crime committed by a country’s citizens against another country is really “state sanctioned”? Certainly, I would expect Palestinians who lost loved ones to continue to shoot rockets into Israel even if Hamas doesn’t sanction it, and I would expect Israeli citizens to react violently in return, which is also not “state sanctioned”. It would be unrealistic for either side to control 100% of their citizens.

Taking it a step further, Google regularly reports on sophisticated hacker attacks against US companies that originate from inside China. The US obviously continues to have friendly relations with China, but if hacker groups are running around committing crimes against the US, which may or may not have been state sanctioned, and the host nation does not, or cannot take action, how is that dealt with today on an international level?

Point of clarification.

The US Thanksgiving holiday has no meaning with respect to the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.