Crime victims with lawyers -- undermining justice system?

MetroSource is reporting here in Colorado that an alleged rape victim at CU is asking that a special prosecutor be appointed to pursue the case. I can’t link to the story because none of the Denver media have yet reported it – I think AP is carrying the story, though. Here’s the text from Metro:

(Denver, CO) – The alleged rape of a former CU student by a football player could be going to a special prosecutor after the Arapahoe County District Attorney said he office needs to step aside. Carol Chambers said the special prosecutor is needed “so the victim feels comfortable with the judicial process.” Earlier this month, the victim’s lawyer asked Chambers to recuse her office because the case had been mishandled. In 2004, before Chambers was the DA, the victim was told by Arapahoe County that they would not pursue her case because of the publicity around the CU football recruiting scandal. The case will now likely go to Adams of Jefferson County.

I assume the case isn’t in Boulder County because the rape allegedly occurred in Arapahoe County. But here’s my biggest problem with this: I always thought our judicial system was designed to eliminate the taint of vengeance; that’s why The People charge the Defendant, rather than the victim. My take on the judicial system has always been that if one of us is victimized, we all are victimized; society is offended by any one of us being victimized, so the attorney for The People is, in fact, the attorney for the victim.

What makes some victims so special that they need their own attorneys? Does the fact that the victim has an attorney, and that attorney is meddling in the venue of the case, undermind the judicial system?

From this article, because the DA wasn’t listening to her.

After three years of the State not giving a damn and blowing you off, wouldn’t you be hiring someone familiar with the process?

As I recall, that decision was made because publicity surrounding the CU recruiting/rape scandal had ruined the DA’s chances of getting a conviction. I have serious doubts that any adjacent jurisdiction is going to do any better. This gets directly to my point: Why should We the People have to pay for another investigation when those we elected to represent us already have decided it’s a dead end? I disagree that the state doesn’t give a damn – I think the state (rather, the judicial district) cares deeply about making its prosecutions count for something other than making a victim feel better.

I can’t really say why they didn’t pursue agressively the first time. I can understand why she feels that she needs a lawyer since at least to her, it feels like the state didn’t give a damn.

As to the wisdom of moving it to an adjacent county, couldn’t they move it to another part of the state?