crimes rates v. population growth

I have heard lately that while crime is getting more publicity and the rate is going up, if you compare it to population growth, the crime rate has dropped or stayed the same. Any truth to this? And just to make it harder, lets see the statistics.

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I just posted in the MPSIMS forum: crime rates by state per 100,000 population. My stats show crime rates per population for different types of crime. However, I don’t think my stats show anything about overall crime rate compared to population growth over time.

My understanding is that the overall crime rate for the USA hit its zeneth in the 70s and has been gradually declining ever since.

This begs the guestion: Why are more people behind bars now than at any other time in US history? Is it the cause of the lower rate or the result?

Here’s the URL for the Department of Justice web site:

There you’ll find stats to answer your questions.

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