Criminal Justice

OK, this is like a major Bitch, you’d like have to read the entire thing t even begin to understand where I’m coming from - most won’t bother though because that’s the way things really are.

VOYAR registration
I’d arrived at 35th & State (Chicago Police Headquarters) at 0809 hrs, having traveled on PACE and CTA (Public transportation) from Arlington Heights, IL. It was now 0902 hrs., when I begin to key this document into my laptop. The 7’ x 7’ [this is just an approximation, I asked around for what the others thought the dimensions might be] room in which I’m waiting, is unheated - despite the fact that Bing weather reports the temperature to outside be 3°. The room contains 8 black plastic & metal chairs and exactly 9 men waiting at the moment. The seating is a cramped shoulder-to-shoulder arrangement, but everyone here is used to that. I first heard THE PHRASE “BELLY TO BACK” being in places of a closely related nature to this one. Not surprisingly there’d been 8 men waiting when I’d arrived – nine minutes after 0800 the official opening of the door for the registration of every person within the limits of the City of Chicago covered by the (amazingly expansive) ILLINOIS CHILD MURDER AND VIOLENT OFFENDER AGAINST YOUTH REGISTRATION ACT - this numbers a variable of course.
In an adjoining well “heated office” [one of the men in this antechamber had said he’d heard a heater cough into life soon after they’d opened the doors – every felony offender is a liar though, so this may or may not be true – right(?)] there were 7 Chicago police officers, whose duty it is to conduct ILLINOIS CHILD MURDER AND VIOLENT OFFENDER AGAINST YOUTH REGISTRATION ACT registrations, as well as registrations for several other classes of offenses in the State of Illinois. 0902 hrs., a grand total of three people have passed through the inner door, into the heated office to undergo their registration processing so far. In one hour (1 hr.) three operations have begun, this amount conducted by seven Chicago Police Officers. This is of course efficiency, I am not contesting this fact because there is no winning, at least not for one such as I. Even as I type a man has actually finished being processed while yet another two arrive. As I’ve watched the work which has been visibly performed 3 of 4 who’ve been seen, were registered by a grey-haired black female officer. The other person seen, a homeless Hispanic man (who is required to register weekly), was seen by the middle-aged Caucasian female officer (I will make mention of her again).
0925 hrs. There are now 11 men in this room, it’s seating capacity is 8, and I can see at least one set of booted feet outside in 3° temperature and obvious subzero Chicago wind-chill.
During one of the conversations which I’d been a party to I’d made the following observation (or the substance thereof):
“Law! Look the law is a device which is used to control people in our purportedly pluralistic society. However, I challenge you to look around this room and demonstrate the plurality of “our” society . With greater and greater frequency law is actually used to divide people and as such further restrict the ability of people to actually interact as a society. You see the people who the “law” favors are those who create those laws. You pay the right person, or people, and eventually you’ll get a law. However, the since numbers of laws are growing and he who the law presently favors will eventually fall into disfavor.
There is also the simple reality of selective enforcement. Judges convict those they choose to, or those whom their paid to. I’m not saying that someone hands an Honorable Judge of the Circuit Court a wad cash and says send “X” to jail. I am suggesting, though that when a group of citizens coughs up the dough required to get a judge elected they do so under the promise that he cleans of the streets - and well “You” and “I” are the streets. Take heart though, eventually there only be a few who the law actually purports to favor and everyone else will be a criminal – then they’ll be forced to report too, perhaps to other criminals, who are just slightly more favored. This is how class systems are developed, dude. See that same guy you’d called an “Arab” (pronounced “’A’ – rab”), and said you’d had bought squares (cigarettes) from him, well he come from a culture where there are some rather strict hereditary class divisions.
Don’t worry though we’re getting there. This culture we live in which some claim to have perfected human slavery in a way that even those “Arab’s” as you called them had not. Sure they’d profited by selling our ancestors to Europeans (as they expanded their temporal and spiritual empires). And yes even as the Europeans declared us (African Slaves) to be less than human, they were busily having children with their slaves. Go figure that means bestiality by the definition I know, relatively simple huh? You’re a beast of labor (an African slave) i.e. an animal, however, my dick gets hard then its Ok for me to go out and fuck an animal (or make a habit of fucking animals) – perhaps maintain a steady relationship with at least one animal), right? Trust me it’s a long and complex series of twist & turns which allows you to face backwards and yet be forwards at the same time.
As for that “Arab” as you’d called him – it’s rather unlikely that he is/was from the Arabian sub-peninsula. There’s a much greater possibility that this person was from the Indian Sub-continent, there’d be a much greater motivation there. You see “Bedouins”, or Arabians in generally, for that matter have no real incentive to travel to the States (and then peddle cigarettes on the streets), when they do they’re generally “well-to-do.” India, and therefore Indians, however have a much higher degree of incentive - there’s an immense population, it’s poverty ridden, and suffers from a ridged caste system, ergo they’d want to escape their traditional homelands - though they’d naturally carry their culturally baggage with them. An interesting aspect of their particular caste system is that the “untouchables” (Pariahs) are frequently darker in complexion than an African-American’s tend to be. As such, though their fellow Indians might look down on them (due to their birth caste) to the extent that they’re not worthy of being touched and are relegated to the task of handling feces (human excrement/crap/shit and animal dung), they (Pariahs) feel no problem at all in looking down at you/me (African-Americans) in the American ghetto (or not in the ghetto as the case may be). They were put to good use in South Africa in managing the Zulu/Bantu workforce, since the Afrikaans system of apartheid was as rigid with the Zulu/Bantu (and blacks in general) as their caste system was at home. They were just a second class, not untouchable just not so good, but better than the Zulu/Bantu’s were. Slowly but surely they’ll change the world, for themselves while managing to leave you an untouchable, right where you/we were prior to their arrival. Luckily for you/me he might actually have been a Muslim in which case he might just virulently dislike, or even hate, you since blacks make up a hefty portion of the American military which they can clearly see to be ravaging their spiritual homelands (i.e. the middle-east). Either way it’s a simplistic equation right, how much did he make off that “square” then factor in the cost of the potential cancer treatment which you can’t afford, reduce this by the cost which you’ve suffered having been born the descent of an African slave in America, factor in the money which his ancestors made having sold your ancestors to the merchants who eventually sold them to an American, subtract the losses they’ve suffered at the hands of Europeans from the time of the Crusades till the present, then add the revenues which your slave ancestors contributed into the building of Americas infrastructure, divide this by the number of slaves killed or allowed to die in the transatlantic crossing (the middle passage), subtract the acts which they/we’ve committed as a response, etc., etc., ad infinitum. The equation becomes somewhat less simple, huh?”
0934 hrs. Another person has finished being processed. He was an old black guy. 5 processed, but still 11 men in this room. I can see that there are at least 3 outside.
If only I could record the substance of the conversations which are occurring around me in this frigid little room. These men, whose potentials have already been sharply constrained, are further restricted by their need to be present (35th & State) here, and now. I was listening to the processing room while “Bev” (the younger (mid – late 20’s to early 30’s) African-American female officer who wore wearing an expensive camouflage pattern jacket studded with purple faux-jewelry on the left breast pocket) endeavored to produce the necessary paperwork in relationship to my ILLINOIS CHILD MURDER AND VIOLENT OFFENDER AGAINST YOUTH REGISTRATION ACT registration (took 4-5 trips to the printer). I could not help but overhear an officer (older Caucasian male wearing a purple shirt, thick mustache, conservative haircut (salt & pepper hair)) attempting to explain to the middle-aged, Caucasian female officer (pudgy but clearly still exercising, greying blondish hair (short, slightly butch haircut)) - who I’d mentioned earlier - how she was violating the statutory required registration period allotment to a Hispanic man (the second which she’d managed to pick from the pool of people waiting to be registered) who’d actually been charged and convicted (from what I’d heard her saying) of an applicable offense to be considered a CHILD PREDATORY SEXUAL OFFENDER; yet, since she was combining facets of two Illinois Statutory provisions (Under 720 ILCS (Criminal) and 730 ILCS (Civil)) which they trade in she’d been violating his statutory Equal Protection and Due Process Rights . Yeah, it seems there is some degree of conflict in the State of Illinois compiled Statutes as what exactly are the SEXUAL OFFENDER REGISTRATION Law and a CHILD PREDATORY SEXUAL OFFENDER Law (or whatever variation is being popularly touted in the State legislature). It also seems that if her supervisor had not noticed something in the paperwork she was about to set up this person for an almost immediate fall which would put him into the corrections system again, whether or not he was a pedophile (as disgusting [as I personally feel it to be] and illegal as it is) she was violating what rights the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Illinois provide him. How many other people has she and/or any other officer routinely set up in this fashion, or other variations since they wield the almighty pen? [“So let it be written so let it be done.”]
The Hispanic CHILD PREDATORY SEXUAL OFFENDER was, it seems in violation of one of these (either the 720 ILCS, or 730 ILCS statutory provision) due to registration requirement period stated in either one or both of the statutes. Additionally, he may have been living within zone determined to be restricted in one of the two statutes. However, since he’d registered within the necessary time period, and was living in a temporary housing shelter (with his common-law wife and children) he was in something of a proverbial limbo. The male office was trying to advise the female that: “They will create the society that they want” [I assume he was speaking of the Illinois State Legislature] and that her addition to the strictures which this person or any other registered person had to comply with just added additional burdens to the work load they (the Chicago Police Departments Sexual Offender Section (?)) faced. And that if/when this CHILD PREDATORY SEXUAL OFFENDER was arrested and tried for the violation, an additional hurdle to proving their portion of a case against him was being erected by the Caucasian female officer. It was seriously frightening stuff to listen to while “Bev” was kindly enough making an alteration (with a sharpie) to the form which she’d finally managed to generate for me to sign. See I’m required to register, have been for years, though I’m not a sexual offender. The first time I registered it seems that the officer who registered me managed to register me as a CHILD PREDATORY SEXUAL OFFENDER and it was posted up on the State-wide Sexual Offender Website. Interesting thing is like I said I’m not convicted of a Sexual Offense at all, however, the statute places me in the same category as the pedophile I wrote about.
So despite having never received a trial (even after a 7 ½ year (2635 day) pre-trial detention), I’m being violently raped by the system on a yearly basis. I survived the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) and the State Penitentiary System (Illinois Department of Corrections – IDOC), as well as successfully completed 3 years of Mandatory Supervised Release (MSR i.e. parole), yet because of an overly expansive statutory provision which was “misfiled” by a local officer and never followed up by a plethora of paper pushers up and down the length of the State of Illinois. I am/was listed as a CHILD PREDATORY SEXUAL OFFENDER a thing which will never, not ever vanish from the records. [“Google never forgets.”]
“The Spirit of the Law and the letter of the Law are two entirely different things.”
I did not bother to check the time when I left. Having kept my eye’s averted from “Bev” and receiving the amount of attitude which she deemed necessary to dispense I just wanted to escape from this place, to flee having successfully contained my distain and disgust for this system which destroyed me (lot, stock and barrel) without a second thought as to whether it had followed anything like the rules it purports to enforce. Every time I’m able to depart from the proximity of this place and places like it I feel something of a weight being removed from my person. I walked to the local Starbucks and purchased a hot chocolate and a cranberry muffin. I exited I gave a beggar (youngish Blackman with broken glasses, wearing red sweat-type pants) ¢.57 and walked to the Red Line. I find myself continually pissed-off, because I know that “he” like “I”, never real had the same opportunity as the “Whites” (the one I’m particularly writing about had parked her Audi SUV in CTA Bus pick-up area (a tow-zone) with her hazard light blinking so she could carry her child into the Starbuck’s wearing her spiked heel boots), or the Chinese-student (who was haggling the black wait staff about the cost of an item he then paid for using a gift certificate and a rebate coupon and finally counting his change (yes, they actually gave him money in return) carefully, impeding checkout line as he did so) in that Starbucks who I’d watched ignore his request for their pathetic change while as he stood in the sub-zero Chicago wind-chill. “We” (both “You” and “I” – “We the People”) live in a society of want, which is considered (by whom exactly “I’m not sure”) “the greatest in the world.” If this/that is actually the case then world is in very, very poor shape indeed; and clearly it is, indeed.
As such when the Brave New World does finally arrive I’ll be glad to have been well in my grave, having learned that this old cruel world was not to friendly a place. That said I don’t believe the brave new one will be any kinder they’ll just eliminate their mistakes as soon as their thought. The 1984 of Orwell was/is of course nothing like what he’d supposed though it is every bit as ferocious. The ministry of Truth has us all well programmed and any untruth which we perceive can and will be publically corrected prior to it becoming an untruth because if it did the Ministry of Love has not coddled you as well as It should, or did I mean cuddled. Either or.
Post Script: I should let you know the Caucasian female officers I’ve mentioned repeatedly, I called her cruel during one of the conversation in that 7 x 7 room, however – there’s no feeling there - in actuality if there were feeling that would be a serious problem. She threatened my with jail, during a previous registration, for having failed to change my address on my license and State Identification when I’d moved several months previous. I’d changed addresses with the United States Postal Service and with my relevant veterans and educational institutions, I’d just failed considered that. It is on the forms which I’d initialed and signed though in relationship to the ILLINOIS CHILD MURDER AND VIOLENT OFFENDER AGAINST YOUTH REGISTRATION ACT. A gentleman in that room pointed this out, I thought about it and he was absolutely correct. The law does not care about circumstance – literally it cares for those characters which the Illinois Legislature has agreed to, black and white characters on paper which are eventually portions of a book updated regularly. Interpreted & reinterpreted, argued, mulled over, etc., etc. My mistake could have legitimately resulted in my being sent to the Illinois Department of Corrections, via the Cook County Department of Corrections, charged with a Class 3 Felony, and if the one White man who’d awaited registration was correct - the restart of the 10 year period which I’d have to register under the ILLINOIS CHILD MURDER AND VIOLENT OFFENDER AGAINST YOUTH REGISTRATION ACT. [I’d only recently altered those ID’s since I’d have to return with the new semester arriving. My banking information was incidentally stolen from my computer bag at the DMV while I went to have my photograph taken (turned out they didn’t require me to take one) and I’ve had to scramble through the process of closing and reestablishing my accounts along with all the endemic difficulties of a new semester of college, etc. Ain’t life grand, and you thought you’ve had it hard, huh (Try walking in my shoes).]

I don’t think my life is hard. It’s sweet and full of love, pleasure and wonder. Sorry you had a rough day.

So you and a bunch of other people committed crimes and you’re pissed off about having to face the consequences?

Good god, which part of your post should I read to get the jist of it?
“Criminal Justice” my ass. Way to rope me into some B.S., I fell for it.
“Long Winded Bullshit” should have been your thread title.
You got arrested? Sucks. I know.
What’s your point?
Did you think you would be served hot fuckin’ tea??


Well, I actually waded through that entire wall-o-text. I just wanted to point out to Kolga that he appears to be saying that he was not convicted of a crime that requires registration as a sex offender. Someone made a mistake and registered him, and he has not been able to shake it. He never does state the crime he was convicted of.

To the OP(If you ever return): I was wondering if you have tried any of the free legal aid groups. A quick GOOGLE search for Free Legal Aid in Chicago turned up this group that may be able to help you: LAFChicago/

And what were their ethnic backgrounds?

And theirs? It seems so important that you list gender and ethnicity for everybody else, but you let us down here.

No, Google forgets stuff all the time. The Wayback Machine is what never forgets.

I find this unlikely. Since you are to be publicly shamed for the rest of your life anyway, could you provide more details of how this seemingly unconstitutional event took place?


10 days after the last relevant post, you drop in just to say “TLDR”?

That’ll show 'em. Oh wait; no it won’t…the OP has posted exactly one time.

I don’t go to this Chicago forum thingy much. It was the most recent thread and it never occurred to me that it might be old. :o

Thank you for the responses which were generated from my post. I do apologize if it was near unintelligible flotsam, which bored the reader to sleep. It was an action taken in response to just another of the incidents which have taken place along the long road to nowhere. :mad:
There was a response, actually two, which might yield something useful.
Oh, this is an observation which is probably pointless, however: yes, a number of people were arrested - at a peace rally - I don’t know if any others managed to have that incident eventually spell out a means for what was then considered an unconstitutional series of custodial interrogations. I’d Almost forgot: several years later - when a misdemeanor warrant (which resulted from that arrest) was executed to provide the probable cause which was missing for arrest on an unrelated issue. Formerly this sort of behavior was covered by, a now defunct, piece of Supreme Court Doctrine. [That’s possibly an important, however its definitely unintelligible, what can I say my ‘ethnicity’ aligned with my ‘gender’ unfortunately prevent me from clearly explaining myself, as a respondent points out.]
Pointless, sure - legal aid groups managed to ignore repeated - there was a listing of organizations in the law libraries which could be written to engender pro bono legal assistance (I wrote all of them (snail mail)) - request for legal assistance throughout my entire (somewhat lengthy) pretrial detention and penitentiary imprisonment. Perhaps the organization which one of the respondents linked to their post will prove…(?) :dubious: