Criminal Minds 10-22-08

In tonight’s episode, who played the black guy who tried to rent a room from Wil Wheaton? He looked so familiar - some football player, maybe? He’s not listed in the credits at IMDB.


IMDB lists a Tommie Harris in the role of Dad, who used to play for the Bears. I’m checking WWDN for Wil Wheaton’s posts on the episode to see if he says anything.

Thanks, that’s him! Dunno why he’s “Dad” - no kids were present in his scene.


He mentioned his family, or “we,” in his scene.

That was a pretty creepy episode! When all the metal things slammed down on the windows? And the knife through the peephole. That made me squeak a bit. :wink:

I would have slapped that bitch though for saying “calm down, calm down” - and then saying “get us out of here!” I didn’t like her very much.

Did anybody get a Bates Motel feel about this episode?

All the peeping - most definitely.

I came in late on CM and did not know that was Weaton. I knew he looked familiar but couldn’t place him.

Poor poor Will. What did that nasty Picard do to you???

OMG! That just registered! I thought he looked familiar. He looked pretty bad. Maybe it was just method acting… :wink:

Wil has written about his experience with the shoot on his blog. An interesting piece - he writes quite well, IMO.