Critique my batting order

For the Pirates starters, I’ve got:

  1. McCutcheon
  2. Milledge
  3. LaRoche
  4. Jones
  5. Iwamura
  6. Clement
  7. Doumit
  8. Cedeno
  9. P

I had a hard time choosing if I wanted Jones 3 or 4, but he’s the power guy so I went with the conventional wisdom of putting him at cleanup. Do you think I should have switched LaRoche and Millege though? Millege is slightly faster, so I figured I’d want him in the potential lead-runner situation instead of LaRoche.

Underneath 4, it gets harder to decide. I feel bad putting Cedeno waaay down on the list, but he just hasn’t put up the numbers you need if you want to bat higher. I really have a hard time sorting the other 3 because none of them far exceeds the others in all categories, and their performance has been volatile over the years.

Offer your comments, then post your own lineup. WARNING: These types of threads often devolve into people just putting up their lineups and not saying anything about the other guy’s, and it becomes a showcase instead of a conversation. Don’t do that. As a rule, you **must **critique someone else’s before you post your own lineup.

Also, general advice for choosing your order is much welcomed. For example, how important do you think it is to balance your LHs with your RHs? Do you believe in the “cleanup” role in the first place, or does it too often become “2nd inning lead-off”?


That’s because all the general baseball talk is being done in the general baseball talk thread. Generally, I’d talk about baseball there.

That and it is a pretty mediocre group of players. McCutcheon should lead off, but beyond that I am not sure how much it matters who hits where.

I figured this was a topic too big for that thread. I guess not.