Crock pot full of beans no storage

My crock pot is full of pork and beans with no place to store it, fridge is full. It will likely take us about 3 days to go through them. If I just bring them up to temp a few times a day without leaving them on all the time should that keep them ok. I would leave them off at night between about 9pm and 5am then reheat. That would be the longest stretch.

Do you have any resealable airtight containers, like Mason jars? It might be worth your while to distribute the beans among them and keep them in a dark place, in a pot or basin full of water. Evaporation should keep them cool enough to last for two or three days.

You’ll probably be fine if you do what you’ve planned, though I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t pass muster with anyone formally trained in safe food handling. Other options:

Give some away to friends, or have people over to dinner.

Freeze some of it. If your freezer is also full, can you remove ice trays for a few days?

Clean out the fridge - make sure there is nothing taking up space that you’ll never eat, and if anything is in a larger-than-required container, put it into a smaller container.

Happy eating. Pork and beans made in the crockpot are delicious.

I could be considered pretty liberal when it comes to stuff like this, but your idea is a recipe for disaster. Your beans will be in the danger temperature zone most of that timespan. Get some gallon ziplock freezer bags. Distribute the beans into the bags, and lay them flat on their sides in any space you can steal in your fridge. Use the freezer if you don’t have enough room.

To piggyback on CairoCarol, take out anything from your fridge that doesn’t absolutely need constant refrigeration: ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, jam, bread, tortillas, soy sauce, uncooked eggs, etc. Put them back in after you eat the beans.

Build a campfire. Invite over half a dozen or eight cowboy types.
(Don’t forget a cigar for Mongo.)

I have a hard time believing you need everything currently stored in your fridge. I suggest you try cleaning it out.

Sometimes, working the fridge is like playing a game of Tetris.

I’ve used a cooler for situations like this in the past. Pretend you’re camping.

Yes, of course! A cooler. Buy a bag of ice at the gas station, let the beans cool, put in some plastic containers on ice in the cooler! Replace ice as needed. It will work for a few days, until you can fit the containers in the refrigerator and freezer, or give some away.