Croissant misery...

It’s a tempting thought… :slight_smile:

I checked the James Beard website but I couldn’t see it. Would you mind posting or PM-ing it to me? I am still making the pumpkin muffins you suggested years ago and everyone still loves them. Any recipe from you has to be worth a go!

Right, thin layers it is then…

Thank you :slight_smile:

It sucks even worse where I live in Portland. It’s a one-block trudge to Grand Central Bakery for fresh croissants (plain, almond or chocolate), then a one block trudge back again. In that time the coffee is done brewing and the homemade jam is on the table, just waiting for a very lightly toasted bit of heaven. Life is so hard.

I’m a complete moron when it comes to baking, but I caught Julia Child explaining how to make croissants on an episode of her TV show, it seems to be up on youtube (I haven’t checked it though.