Everyone on this site said not to believe in crop circles, but now I just heard recently of several new findings about them.

  1. Something about the embryos of the wheat being different in the crop circles from what they are otherwise.
  2. A long list of strange isotopes of rare earth elements and iodine at the crop circle sites and not elsewhere.
  3. An inscription using peculiar symbols that were later identified as ancient Masonic letters that Masons use for secret communications among themselves. It was later realized that the language these letters were spelling out was Latin, and that it said WE ARE NOT IN FAVOR OF TRICKERY.
    (a la some have accused persons of simply hoaxing the crop circles. I know those two Englishmen came forth and also
    that there is a whole organization that makes crop circles
    not to hoax but just to make them).
    I think #s 1 and 2 seem convincing, but #3 is rather suspicious.

Naturally, a link would be nice.

But for anyone that determined to form crop circles just to fool the world, going the extra step to place a piece of uranium on-site probably isn’t too big of a deal. Putting a few grains of Egyptian wheat in the middle of Kansas isn’t too surprising either.

Also, would you trust a chain letter that says “This isn’t a joke. Really! I’m serious! It’s completely true. Pass it on!” Didn’t think so.

Here’s the straight dope, Don:

Crop circles are made by black helicopters flown by aliens. The aliens, who reside in Hanger 18 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, use the helicopters to execute their “cattle mutilation” missions.

Now you know.

Well, THANKS, crafter_man!! Now I have to go and kill everyone who read this thread!

To me, none seem the least bit convincing. Typical urban legend stuff. But let’s give it a fair shake…who provided this information? Is it a reliable source? Has the evidence been correctly documented? Has it been scientifically verified? Have terrestrial sources been ruled out? If so, how?

I love the Internet. “crop circles Masonic”.

Sorry I can’t stay and play longer, boys and girls, but the Better Half is home for lunch, and after he swallows his nutrition pill he wants to go up to the Mother Ship and practice the zero-gravity sex move known as “The Silver Teaspoon and the Heavenly Jade Teacup.”

If anyone wants a huge list of crop circle links, just click here.

For isotopes, go here(it’s in favour of space aliens)
For wheat embryos go here (CSICOP, so extremely anti)

Yes, I can certainly see that a person could write Latin in
Hebrewesque or Masonic cryptoscript just for “fun.” As I
mentioned, I don’t find this Apponos Astos business convincing.