"Crossed" the webcomic

found this today, never heard of it. Pretty damn cool. But very violent and disturbing, so be warned. It’s like if the infected from 28 Days Later were angry AND perverted AND still had intelligence to figure out creative ways to kill and maim you.


There are also some graphic novels as well. It is very disturbing. I finally gave up on it because it seemed to do shock for shock’s sake.

At the comic shop I picked up an issue because I was interested in the post-apoc look of it.
I have to admit I read the whole issue…and promptly put it back. A very well done book that I have absolutely no interest in looking at ever, ever again.

Crossed clearly isn’t to everyone’s tastes, Garth Ennis was the creator of the original comic series but he passed it onto other writers, but he set the style of very nasty graphic horror.

I think it was excellent, and a different view on the Zombie genre. The first Crossed graphic novel is certainly worth it for its originality. The later ones weren’t quite as good, though the webcomic seems quite good. To me its a horror which is genuinely horrible… Which is hard to do nowadays with a genre which is virtually exhausted…

There’s one volume and 11 chapters on the webcomic right? the website seems a bit screwy with the continue reading here links.