Crosses, Rooster, Lamb of God Symbol and a Skull. What "fraternity" is it?

A woman brought in a ceremonial costume to the museum where I work today. She wants to give it to the museum, though she is uncertain of what organization wore such an outfit. Somebody gave it to her in a box, unaware it was in there. (The person who gave her the box has been dead for several years.)

There are large crosses on the ceremonial robes. They look like regular embroidered crosses. There is nothing special about them. One of the pieces is rather strange. It has some sterling siver ornaments. The largest and most prominet one is a skull and crossbones. There is also a Lamb of God and a rooster. There are two ceremonial hats and a sword with the set. These are clearly not church related vestments.

Does anyone know what secret society or fraternity might have worn these garment and used these symbols? As I look it up, I’m getting a sinking feeling it may have belonged to the Ku Klux Klan. Most of their crosses seem to have had other elements to them though. They don’t look like Free Mason images to me, though that is also a possiblity.

Knights of Columbus?


I vote for Masonic.

Can you describe anything about the sword? Images on the handle? Engraving on the blade?


Thanks for the ideas. I look up the symbolism for those groups.

I’ve not seen the sword. This woman is letting her grandson play with it. :slight_smile: She just brought in the vestment and other regalia.

Update- I got to look at the objects in more detail today. They have Latin logos on them that, after more research, identified them as old regalia of The Knights Templars.

Very interesting. Now all you need to do is start writing your novel. “Little did I know that the mysterious donation was about to draw me into a web of conspiracy that would ultimately involve the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the New York Times.”

Seriously, there are any number of wacky books which begin with the scenario you describe. This part is especially good: “Somebody gave it to her in a box, unaware it was in there. (The person who gave her the box has been dead for several years.)”

In this case- the Knights Templar not being the Crusader Knight organization violently supressed by Louis “the Fair” but a much later group that is conected to the Masons. I have heard they claim some sort of relationship with the medieval Crusader Knights. I make no comment on that.

The swords are common. I buy about 3-4 of them/yr. Resell them for $25-35 each.