Crossword Clue Game

So many good ones, really hard to choose. Both FastDan1 and Dr_Paprika referred to The Beatles’ Rubber Soul, so those clues cancel each other out. :slight_smile: Narrowing it down to these three:

Since crosswords typically refrain from non-rated G wording, I’ll rule out Dr_Paprika’s, even though it’s really my favorite. I’ll go with Spoons’s entry since it looks like a typo but really isn’t.

Grats Spoons!

Well, I gather that someone doesn’t do a lot of sewing! :wink:

Thanks, K_O! Okay, let’s go with …


  1. As good as a hit in baseball
  2. Activity after “Respect” in a Pantera hit’
  3. Shameful exercise
  4. Leave a bad situation
  5. Public action for perps

I’m going to keep this one open a day or two more, in the hope that we get more entries.

Well, I guess you win this one, Knowed_Out. I did like this one:

Looks like it’s your turn to supply a word!

OK, let’s go with VEIL.

  1. Bridal need
  2. Cloth of Muslim?
  3. Cloud on a mountaintop
  4. Cover
  5. Mantilla

You win Spoons!

Maybe we chose some stinker words. I hate to think interest has already waned.

Me too. I’m quite enjoying the game; I hope we get some more players.

Let’s try…


  1. Sandwich named for the type of person you’d have to be to eat it
  2. Tina Turner doesn’t need another one of these
  3. Enemy rival
  4. New state of zero upon success
  5. Submarine

Well, I guess it’s you, K_O. I did like the “submarine” entry–good clue!

Take it away! (And let’s hope that we get more players.)

The new word is ENGLISH

  1. Muffin or mustard
  2. This puzzle’s in it
  3. Monty Python’s members, mostly
  4. Old, middle, or modern
  5. Useful skill in pool

Sorry, trying to spend less time on the Interwebz. I’ll be doing this a bit less often.

Ahem, English

  1. Language of Lovelace or Locke
  2. Patient in 1996 picture
  3. Chaucer’s Channel?
  4. Add controlled spin to ball
  5. Sitting in an — garden, waiting for the sun

I’m choosing this just to make you come back to this thread.

Your turn Dr_Paprika!

The next word is BUSINESS.

Will judge this on Monday, with your permission, to accomodate stragglers and those who log on mainly at work.

Sure, that’s fine. If we get more players over an extended period of time, great!

The other thing that may get more players is that nobody has to post five clues–as I recall, I said up to five. No reason people can’t post fewer clues, if they want, or if they can’t come up with five.

I’ll think a little on BUSINESS, before I post some clues.

  1. Productive part of an end
  2. Step before pleasure
  3. Something of mine you should get your nose out of
  4. Sex to the Brits
  5. BTO took care of this in 1973