Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

It’s Netflix exclusive, unless you want to pay to go see it at an Imax, which I don’t think is a great use of money. It’s fine as a movie at home.

Well, I’m most of way through and while it is good in many parts, it feels a lot more like a pilot to an intriguing Netflix show. I don’t know why they greenlit a movie when a martial-arts-fantasy show would have made more sense.

The reviews online have been quite bad, but my wife and I have enjoyed it quite a bit.

Anyone else checking it out?

Well, we finished it and here is what it comes down to.

  1. The final 20-25 minutes were insanely awesome and if you must, skip to about 25 minutes left and play from there. Great choreography and a very nice group of set pieces. Worth it.

  2. Should have been a pilot to a show.

  3. Good, certainly not atrocious, but falls far short of the original. C+ or B- would be my grade.

I have one closing question that I will spoiler. My wife and I both missed something.

OK, so Snow Vase, the lead girl…got stabbed/impaled at the end by the enemy girl. She appeared to be dying. Then, we cut and she is on a horse next to boyfriend/brother(that’s what we called him). Did the movie show anything at all to indicate she was being healed? We feel like there was a very key piece of information edited out. Anyone?

Re your spoiler, nothing showed but previously we did see Michel Yeough with relevant abilities.

I have to say this was better than I expected, The original was a masterpiece so I went in pretty skeptical but I am impressed.

When was this shown?

I thought it was pretty slow, to be honest. I did watch the whole thing, though, and the interesting tidbit I have is that I watched the first 15 minutes or so on my Macbook Pro (late 2013 so Retina), and when I switched to my 1080p TV I noticed a significant drop in resolution. Pretty sure this movie is available on 4k.

She healed Silent Wolf earlier. nothing special mind you but she evidently has basic first aid down.

The part of this that took me a while to wrap my head around was that they were all speaking english this time. and the girl had a british accent. that was weird.