CrowdPAC for the Republican nominee?

If I understand this correctly, people can pledge money to a Republican candidate through CrowdPAC and not have to cough up the dough unless that person becomes the official GOP POTUS candidate. cite

The idea is that assuming they go to a brokered convention the GOP powers that be can see which candidates have broad support. But really, what’s the chance that any possible candidate will come out with anything approaching “a mandate from the people”?

The three the website is touting are Paul Ryan, Condoleezza Rice and Mitt Romney, but as I understand it you can set up for any possible candidate you like. Aren’t the chances pretty strong that they’ll end up with a half dozen possibles with pretty even money for each? What’s to stop Democrats from picking the GOP candidate they think will do most poorly against HRC and pledging money to that person?

I hope Democrats are doing that right now. Get Gingrich’s name out there! Maybe a Palin return! And who can forget Todd Akin!

Why do that though? Simply wait until you know who the nominee is and then write your check, or not.

Hell, let’s go Todd Palin!