Crowning Moments of Awesome

I’ve been reading too much, but at least it gave me an idea.

What are the moments seen in movies or TV shows, read in books, graphic novels, or other media, listened to in music that make you stand up and yell your head off with just how awesome they are?

Two examples:

Delynn’s speech in Babylon 5

Firebird Finale, about seven minutes in

What are yours?

Picard’s short pre-battle announcement to his crew in “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. Loaded with awesome:

“Let’s make sure that history never forgets the name … Enterprise.”

Also, any scene from the first episode of HBO’s John Adams miniseries with Adams in the courtroom. His defense of those British soldiers makes me proud to be a law student.

If you’re going to pick Babylon 5, I would go with Vir Cotto explaining what he wants.

Elsewhere, there’s the “I am the Doctor” speech.

And, of course, Kenneth Branagh’s “St. Crispin’s Day” speech truly sets the standard (though, of course, the original writer gave him plenty to work with).

The Defiant joining the combined Federation/Klingon task force after losing Deep Space Nine in A Call to Arms.
I used to be a hardcore Trekkie. It still gives me chills.

Tool at Bonnaroo 2007.
It’s lost by being on video instead of experiencing it live but this was one of my first huge concerts (the grounds for that stage hold about 100,000) and it is one of my favorite musical experiences and memories.

The REAL Awesome for that is in a later season, when

he GETS what he wants. I still giggle when I think of him waving “like this” at Morden’s severed head

Just THINKING about that speech gives me chills.

“Only one human captain has ever survived battle with the Minbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me.”

Especially since, up to that point, Delenn wasn’t really portrayed as all THAT tough. She was kind of a touchy-feely religious caste character. This was Delenn Badass right out of nowhere.

shutters open

“Get away from her you bitch!


I’m watching this new “Hole in the Wall” game show, and I’m pretty sure nothing from this show will ever make this list.

If we’re going with Babylon 5 scenes, Delenn’s “Be somewhere else” is good, but I prefer Ivanova’s “Who am I?” speech. Though, to be fair, she was always a badass, so it wasn’t quite as much of a shock.

I agree, except that it was fairly obvious that would happen. It was great, but not unexpected.

True. I’ve always thought that scene would have played better if they hadn’t clipped in the “What do I want?” scene again immediately before.

I second Chronos’ nomination. I love all three B-5 speeches mentioned, but I came in here to name Ivanova’s.


Pretty much every moment of God of War II.

Man that was a badass game.

The I Drink Your Milkshake, speech, and what happens after it.

Keyser Soze’s big trick.

Billy Jack goes bezerk.

Donnie Darko aka “Gerald” publicly calls Jim Cunningham on his bullshit at the school.

You forgot the best line from that speech.

“If you value your lives, BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!”

I’m sorry, but did we really have to wait 16 posts just to get to thisscene?

(The shot beginning at 1:15 is, IMHO, the image Joss has been leading up to for his entire career. Everything he had ever done to date was merely a prelude; it’s the summary of his entire inner world).

Don’t you get the feeling that she’s channeling Shatner just a little?

“God - [Kirk pause] - sent me.”

Incidentally, hereis MY vote for most awesome B5 scene.

From Terminator 2, Sarah and the Terminator dispatch the T-1000. Especially badass starting at 1:30.

Too many badass B5 scenes to mention, but the ones listed are good ones for sure! :smiley:

Sorry I couldn’t find a clip, I nominate the moment in ‘To kill a mockingbird’ where Atticus Finch walks out the courtroom despairingly after his innocent black client has been convicted by the racist all-white jury.
Atticus doesn’t notice the black community watching from the balcony, but as he goes out, the preacher says to Atticus’ daughter “Stand up, Miss - your father’s passing.”
And they all rise silently.

President Whitmore’s speech before the big battle in Independence Day.

You may not want to admit it, but you know you love it.