Croyogenics: An insurance question

Suppose I get a life insurance policy and set it up so it pays out to Alcor or some other company which cryogenically freezes people upon death. Later, my heart fails and I am declared clinically dead. The insurance company pays up and the cryogenics company deep freezes me.

Now lets say that 10 years later technology has advanced to the point where they can (and do) revive and cure me. I was never really dead, I was just beyond the reach of science the day I “died”. Can the insurance company now sue me for their money back since I wasn’t actually dead? Do I have to pay them back because my long shot plan worked out? Or is being mostly dead enough? Can they go back on a settlement after they have already payed it out?

DaLovin’ Dj

Are these specific cryonic provision insurance policies or just general benefit-on-death?