Crude Oil

Can anyone help me find a link with information on what products one barrel of crude oil can produce. Percentage of the barrel for each product etc. Thanks

I’ve tried google but i havent been able to get an exact answer…Im sure someone here can find something!

One version.

The link above is a pretty good generic yield from a barrel of crude, but yields can vary depending upon the type of crude, light vs. heavy, sweet vs. sour, etc. The yield can also vary depending upon the complexity of the refinery. Refiners also have the ability to swing yield (within capability parameters) to produce say more jet fuel vs. gasoline or visa versa when economics make sense.

Thanks for the link Ringo, I knew there was a page like that somewhere. I am also aware that yields can vary Wilbo523 but I was really just interested in a general break down. Informative nonetheless! Thanks again guys