Cruise control and speeding tickets

I have the habit of driving on cruise control (due to laziness mostly) on freeways. I usually set the cruise speed 5 to 7 miles higher than the limit. On more than a couple occasions, I’ve seen fellow drivers who were driving at the same speed as me (say while going up an incline) get a ticket while coming down while I cruised by, literally.

On occasions, I’ve also sometimes entered a speed trap on cruise control and avoided tickets although I was a couple of miles over the limit.

Is there a correlation ? or this is purely coincidental ?

There was a lawsuit with Toyota I read about when I was in New Zealand once; the fellow complained that on hills, the cruise would eventually downshift and floor the accelerator and possibly exceed the 10kmph (6mph) “grace” the police usually allowed trying to recover on a hill.

Similarly, cops love to sit over a hill, and cruise will often not limit downhill speed enough.

Generally I’ve found about 10kph grace (5mph? 10mph?) in town, and 10mph 20kph on the highway works. Of course, if the cop wants to be a dick, he can give you a ticket for 1mph over… Usually the judge will roll his eyes and toss that.

It’s coincidental. Being on cruise control might help you avoid tickets because it maintains a more consistant speed, but if you’re going significantly over the limit then you will be ticketed regardless of whether it was you or the car in direct control of the speed.

md2000, I doubt the grace is to allow people to recover on a hill. Vehicle speedometers aren’t very accurate and a grace of around 10% is generally allowed to account for this. Of course if you try and use this grace you may find yourself getting a ticket if your speedo is under-reading rather than over-reading (as mine seems to.)

I think it’s just that you are going at a reasonable speed under what they are looking for.

Hey less time looking at your speedometer is more time to look at the road, and using your CC also means more time knowing your speed as well. If it’s also more comfortable all the better.