Cruise Ship Casinos: are they regulated?

We were with friends on a cruise recently.

A few in the group felt that the ships slots were very “tight”.
In compairison:
A travel channel episode said that in Nevada, by law, the machines have to pay a minimum of 75%. An official of the Nevada gaming commission concurred.

The Travel channel also mentioned that in some Indian casinos in some states they can set the payouts anyway they please. Taxes are the big interest of most state governments.

OK, back on the cruise it was mentioned that the cruise ship casinos probably run free of taxes or regulations. No safeguards to the player.

Several felt that the cruise casino was running “mechanic” dealers as well. Being unregulated, why not, can’t get caught. They’d move them to winning tables and suddenly everyone started loosing.

We figured that if any cruise line had any regulations, it would probably be those very few registered in the UK.

Just on the strength that the UK is a tax and regulation happy county.
Are cruise ship accountable to anyone for fair play and minimum payouts other than to themselves?

According to this article , they are not regulated. They can choose to follow the guidelines of the International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL), but they are not required by any governing body to do so.

Here is a series of articles on this very subject:

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Excellent story and link.

And if they catch you counting cards, they can make you walk the plank!