Cruise Split (Tom & Penelope, that is)...?

My Cow-orker ran in pink and flustered, disturbed that Tom and Penelope had split up. I checked my handy dandy source of intelligent information on all things, the SDMB, and found nothing.

So, anyone know anything definite?

I realise this isn’t exactly a discussion on Proust vs Pound, but I’d still be interested to hear.


Yeah, Penelope has been staying over at my place for a few days now. She is feeling pretty good to be done with that two-bit hack (her words, not mine).

She’ll be back on her feet soon though, so don’t you worry.

As a hijack, I was forced to watch Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by She Who Must Be Obeyed at the weekend, and the scene when Cruz’s boyfriend goes off in the boat to enlist, he looks JUST like Tom Cruise, and I said out loud 'perhaps thats where she got the idea from".

Then, when he comes back, he’s got a beard and moustache, and he looks JUST like Pat Rafter in his ponytail period, but that’s another story …

But if Cruz joins up with Rafter, you read it here first!

it’s strange… I’ve only read ONE reference to the Cruise/Cruz split and it was an off the cuff remark in a caption under a picture of Nicole & son attending a Laker’s basketball game (think it was the Melbourne Herald-Sun).

Gunna hunt this down even if it kills me.

for all those that absolutely must know, go HERE!

My job here is done. [contented sigh]

Hopefully we can all read about it in full in next weeks rags. Cos we really do need to know. Seriously.

So he’d rather learn martial arts than spend time with her???


Penelope left Tom for Pablo.

That story didn’t tell the real reason for the break up… that he’s gay…

Tom? And Penelope? Split???

Oh my God (sob!). First Rick Rockwell and Darva Conger, then Tom Green and Drew Barrymore, now Tom and Penelope…

(Whimper)… What hope is there for ANY of us, if stable, happy couples like THEM can’t make it?

Be careful, you could get sued for spreading that rumour!

[sub]Even if it is totally true. My sister has a friend whose cousin knew a guy that was in a play with a guy that had sex with Tom. And Richard Gere.[/sub]


And Richard’s pet gerbil, Sparky.

Well you do know how he got the lead roll in Risky Business don’t you?..
The above comment or any comments made by Liquidlobotomy should not be taken seriously as he was just released from the “hospital.”

::changing name to Pablo:: :smiley:


Thanks everybody, especially the poster who’s rapidly making a name for him/herself, ninevah!

The cow-orker was saddened, but philosphical about it.

Rumour has it that Cruz left Tom after doing the Scientology “Purification Rundown”, in which lots of vitamins are combined with sweaty exercise to flush thetans, err, toxins out of one’s system. Seems Penelope Cruz didn’t want to belong to a religion founded by a nutjob just to have Tom, so she left. <---- Visit


Oh for gods sake.

Let the man find a boyfriend. I don’t understand what’s keeping him in the closet.

Thanks, Redboss! I like to keep informed with the goings on of Cruise & [hock, spit] Cruz. … I’m just very perplexed as to why my favourite trash mag, NW, has not one jot about it!
(btw, I’m a Melbourne girl!)

You know, don’t you, that these are not real people that you are talking about?

Sensible woman.

Oh good! I’ve always liked Cruz and she deserves better than that brainwashed bimbo. I was afraid he’d turn her into a $cientologist, now I don’t have to worry about that.

But, now I have to worry that Kidman will get sucked back in.

He should just either come out, or marry some cute little zombie scieno girl, so I don’t have to worry about him infecting another actress I like.