Been here a day and so far I have had several crybabies, One a moderator here, make up imaginative accusations regarding my intentions here.

I have had it…so do what you want…I am a straight forward kinda person and here is a copy of what I sent to both Cecil and the Webmaster…who may be one and the same…I do not know and really do not care…Samclem, BigT, and whoever else sees purple elephants and flying pigs you guys need something to do besides indulging yourselves with such a creative mind.

Copy of my email already sent.

Look I am getting extremely annoyed by the pain in the neck moderators and crybabies that apparently have nothing better to do than to accuse me of absurd junk on your forum. The latest is by a moderator of the name, Samclem. This forum is lousy……if your crybaby moderators wish to ban me b/c they have a creative imagination than let them. He is claiming that I own the company I provided a link to …. Is he stable??? I wish I had a company. Here is the latest crybaby post.

Originally Posted by hvac_two
I just sent the “webmaster” an email as well as Cecil.

Why would anyone want to ask a question in here if some patroling whiner is going cry foul.
Could be they’re spamming their company website(which you were)…
Originally Posted by hvac_two

BTW: The link was added regarding a company’s page I had discovered…I could have used any company’s…when asking a question isn’t it always good to give an example?
Sure you “discovered” it. It’s your own site.

I’m closing this thread, removing your link, but will stop short of banning you. At least you’re not a spambot.

samclem Moderator

From threadtitle alone, I had a guess as to who the crybaby would be (and what the join date would be). What do I win? And can we please institute a policy that when someone says they don’t care if they’re banned, they’re immediately banned?

Look, like it or not, when someone joins a community like this and almost immediately starts a thread with a link to a for-profit company’s website, the general suspicion is that the person is spamming for their company.

And when someone with the username hvac_two posts a link to a company that specializes in commercial and industrial HVAC services, suspicion is raised even further.

Even if you were not doing this, can’t you see that it would be reasonable for some people to suspect that you were?

Also, you might not be aware of this, but moderators can see what IP address you are posting from. In some cases, spammers are caught because their user IP addresses match the IP addresses of the website that they are shilling for.

For me, one of the biggest giveaways in your thread was that you could have asked your question about Facebook and social media without providing a link at all. The question about the usefulness of Facebook for companies is a perfectly valid one, but your OP was not in any way improved or made clearer by including a link.

LoL. Buh-bye then.
Oh…and reported, of course.


A rather more succinct expression of my feelings on the matter.

If you think it takes an imagination to notice that a fellow named HVAC is plugging a HVAC company, and draw the obvious conclusion, then perhaps this is not the board for you.
“…let’s not jump to any conclusions.” “I didn’t jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.”

To the OP.

Chill, dude. :smiley:

Rather amusingly, the blog attached to the OP’s company has, as its latest post:

“Spammers = Losers.”

Gotta love it.

(How do we know it’s your company? Someone with your screenname posts on the Cardinal company’s blog, with a link to that self-same blog. Not very savvy in the social media marketing biz, alas.)

See you later dearie.

NM. Wrong Thread.

Maybe he browses hvac websites because he works in the hvac industry.

Let’s have a little niceness around here.

Well, there’s your problem!

I read your reply to the small motor thread, and it looked OK. Nothing wrong with signing up if you think you know an answer and would like to share it. But this board is very strict about spamming, and there are a lot of spammers out there. Your thread did appear to be full of Hormel goodness, assuming the link is as described. Use it as a learning experience. We’re not a teeny-bopper board, or a Talk Radio board, or another kind of board where rules are a bit more loose. Take time to learn the board culture, that’s all.

He doesn’t browse the blog, he posts the articles. It’s his blog. His company. His Facebook page. His spam.

Niceness doesn’t mean accepting spammers. I run a community and see this junk all the time. What is so aggravating about these people is that they seem to think we’re all naive. Disingenuous activity like posting a “gee look at this FB page I just happened upon!” is flat out insulting to the people you’re trying to fool.

Doesn’t mean he can’t eventually become a helpful member of the SDMB. But lying and complaining and yelling “crybabies” every other word isn’t a great start. Hopefully he’ll chill out and join in, because he can certainly offer assistance to others who ask about tech stuff (as seen in his first “let me warm up the crowd” post).

What in the world are you all talking about??

I have to tell you…you guys are nuts. Are you suggesting I have a company or some kinda of blog??

If I owned a company or had some kind of blog…why would I be here?

I am going to continue to stop by if you all could stop accusing me of lying, or whatever you think it is that I do.

REAL nice people here…I truly joined this site to respond to a thread I had found several days ago titled, “Small engine stalls when hot” or something like that. I found the topic when I googled a description of a problem that I was having with my old Troy Bilt lawn mower…and after spending a long time figuring out the problem I thought it would be helpful to allow the thread poster to know what I found to save him some trouble. (Oops, was that wrong…b/c maybe I own a Lawnmower company cause I posted a reply to a lawnmower question.)

Once here…i figured why not join in? Well, I do not know if you guys give everyone the same beating but let’s just say it is pretty childish and petty…as for those who want to ban me b/c of things they are accusing me of well shut up and ban me or leave me alone already. If you leave me alone i guess I should never post any links to any information as I will be accused of owing some corporation or something…I should have linked to Bestbuy’s Facebook page…at least then I could be accused of owning BestBuy.

As for my username here…well, anyone here who has tried to get usernames…some are well spoken for and you have to add stuff to them in order for them to be available.

AS for what I do for a living…I didn’t know that was everyone’s business but yes I am involving in heating and cooling…what does that mean?

Well, let’s see, there’s a blog with a post on it by someone named hvac_two thanking someone for visiting, presumably, hvac_two owns the blog. The blog contains a link to an HVAC site, the HVAC site in turn contains a link to the blog…presumably they own the blog.
I didn’t see where your link went to before it was deleted, but from what I read it was to a facebook page of the same name as the HVAC company.
Are you, honestly, trying to tell us that it was a coincidence that you picked some random hvac company to link to (to ask us about marketing via facebook) and that company just happened to have a blog written by someone with your username?
Sorry, not buying it.

There’s lots of business owners here, I’m not sure what that has to do with anything.

Alright…I hope this can be my last attempt to end this.

I do work in the heating and cooling field so I naturally have an interest in mechanical things.

I came here to reply to a mechanical thread topic and went on to post a question regarding all these crazy companies that think using social media is a good way to contact customers. I am not sure why that is so evil and why I am assumed to be a part whatever blog your talking about…I DID NOT POST A LINK TO ANY STICKING BLOG…I did include a link to a some company that happened to apparently be a HVAC company I had seen on Facebook as well as the many other companies I have seen there.

I suppose if I had included a BestBuy link and my username was BestMan…I would be an owner of BestBuy?

You guys are truly being ridiculous

If Best Buy had a blog on their website run by someone named BestMan…yeah, it would seem suspicious, because that’s what’s going on here.

Seriously, no one cares if you own a business, no one cares if you have a blog, it really wasn’t a big deal that you posted a link to it, it was an honest mistake, it’s just not typically allowed here. The only reason this is going on is because you started it. If you hadn’t opened this thread, and just continued on posting like a normal poster instead of calling people crybabies, nothing would have become of it.

Well…I am ending it…No further responses will be found by me here on this thread…if nobody cares if I owned a company or whatever blog you all keep referencing than they shouldn’t have accused me of such bull.

As for as this thread goes…I did it b/c I personally don’t like being called a liar, or whatever if I am not.

I am done with this topic.

We need a stompy smiley.