Cryptic crossword help?

My wife and I are stumped by this one. Clue is “Cuts line at 14s?”. It’s 4 letters, and looks like it has to be AK.

None of the potential words (Ankh? Alky? Arks? Asks?) seem to answer the clue.

It’s a British puzzle, so maybe there some slang or cultural reference we’re not getting. Or maybe we’re just dull.

Any thoughts?

Can you give us the clues that gave you the A and the K?

going to and entering a?k? gives 54 possible “words”, none which stand out to me.

Sure, for the “A” : “Football club managed to take in money once” for which we put “frAnc”.

For the K: “Retailer in dip in town in Gloucestershire” for which we put “NewmarKet”.

(might be a bit off in the clues, since I don’t have the puzzle handy, but pretty close)

My knee-jerk response (after trying onelook) is to ask if #14 across or down might be relevant… I can’t think what 14s might refer to.

Since it’s a British puzzle, I wonder if the 14s refers to 14 shillings? I know they don’t use them anymore, but there may be some folklore/tradition that lingers on.

Not sure how you get Newmarket, which is in Suffolk anyway. I’d also look at the answer to clue 14.

See, if it were “Cuts lines at 14s? (4)” and the answer to 14 was something like EDGE or RIGHT ANGLE, you’d think the answer could be AXES.

There’s also a Newmarket in Gloucestershire. (Believe me, I checked).We figured a retailer in a dip could be said to be in a “new market”, and Newmarket works with all the crosswords. We’ve checked 14 across, the answer to which is “right angle”, and don’t see how that helps. I don’t believe there is a 14 down.

Ah, interesting. I wonder if the “Newmarket” is wrong. But what? Hmmm…

So, using Usram’s logic, the clue could be interpreted as “Cuts line at right angles” which may give some further insight.

ETA: I see you’ve already picked up on this. Sorry.

Maybe the second “s” is an abbreviation:
Cuts line at 14 (South)?
Cuts line at 14 (seconds)?
I can’t see where that gets to an answer, but it might be another way to think about it.

or 14’s, as in the 1814’s? Or not :confused:

Aha, the answer to “Retailer in dip in town in Gloucestershire (9)” is NEWSAGENT (“sag” in “Newent”, apparently a small town near Gloucester). That gives you the E for AXES rather than the K fron Newmarket.

And I was just coming in to say that we’d figured it out, based on your deduction about “axes”. Thanks large. I should have known that the "Newmarket was too much of a stretch.

Thanks again. I love this board.