Cryptic overlaps

I love cryptic crosswords and have tried to start threads before. One trouble is though if a solver cannot get the answer right away in a thread there are no crossing clues like in a crossword. So how about we try a cryptic overlap instead?



Dislike Cryptic Thread (6) :

HATRED (anagram)

So the next cryptic clue should be for a a word starting with D-, or ED-, or RED- (or even TRED- or ATRED- if you can think of one).

Thus, solve from above and continue with an overlapping cryptic clue for your new chain word:


Famous inventor Sullivan is running. (6)

Edison (Ed + is + on).

Child catches poems. (7)

Sonnets (Son+ nets)

Poet’s toilets exploded (1, 1, 5)

T S Eliot (toilets anagram)

Fowl country (6)


California book size (7)

California book size (7)

Grr. This one has me stuck.

Ah. I made a mistake. There is no connector to the previous answer, so as it is it’s not solvable.

I will try again. Sorry 'bout that.

Aching orb junkyard (7)

The previous one was “caliber” (CA + liber).

Aching orb junkyard (7)

EYESORE (double definition)


Barrymore offspring devours cookie (4)

Oreo (barrymORE Offspring)

Blemish follows round statue (5)


Flower of auto country (9)


Commonly ends up single (4)

Commonly ends up single (4)

ONLY (commonly)


Yemeni leader flying drone over there (6)


Choose your own adventure version:

Get rid of smashed die at race (9)

Christmas aviator with head covering forcibly redistributed wealth (5,4)

Pilot vehicle bearing east to work it out (6)

eradicate (anagram of “die at race”)

Classification of feline led to evil bloodletting (8)

Classification of feline led to evil bloodletting (8)
category (cat + e + gory)


Baseball star Brandy’s green concoction (4, 8)

Never mind.

Ryne Sandberg


Groom, since disrespected, now prevents injury. (10)

(Sorry about the false start)

Ergonomics (anagram of ‘groom since’)

Reportedly place for sore eyes? (5)

Sight (double meaning)

Instrument dented me iron tuba (10)

Tambourine (anagram of ‘me iron tuba’)

Indescribable tale following, in English and French (9)