Cryptic overlaps

Well, the M is right.


Little Women go mad as rabbits this season (5)

MARCH (double definition)


Experimentally misplace ice outside: this could lead to a disaster. (8, 5)

Maybe better:

Experimentally misplace ice outside: this could lead to an environmental disaster. (8, 5)

Dayuuhhhh is Chernobyl part of the answer?

No Chernobyl, but the CH start is right.

Hint: anagram/container

If it was (5, 8) instead of (8, 5), then CHINA SYNDROME might work…

CH + (anagram) + ???

Is the first word a location?

No location. The outside word is a synonym for ice, as in “Please ice the beer so we can drink it later.” The anagram is indicated from the text of the clue. I like to almost always have any cryptic anagram to be directly a word or words taken from the clue.


Hello, Poppets! Well, Hello, messily insured Poppets! (5’1)

I guess I did that wrong. Let’s try:

Hello, Dolly! Well, hello, Dolly, you’re a mixed up mess of insurance it Seems (5’1)

LLOYD’S (Dollys anagram)

Cram into a set on this California city. (10)

Sacramento (CRAM + anagramed A SET ON)


In her remarks the Senator mentioned pain and suffering (7).

TORMENT (hidden word)

When the mathematician made a thong go-go, he got to this degree. (3)

NTH (thong - go)

Seven and seven equals elevated orb (8)

“Seven and seven” refers to something else besides math.

HIGHBALL (double definition)


Llama’s great play could send it here? (3-4, 4)

All-Star Game (anagram)


Did you say you’ve got a mess o’ the Leo, Ma? You may be entitled to compensation! (12)

Mesothelioma (homophone)


When the Titanic went into the sea, a band on deck was left behind (7)