Cryptic Picture Puzzle fans - London Underground

Solve the visual clues and guess all 100 stations

I’m up to 4!

Bond Street
Golders Green
Harrow on the Hill

Anyone care to join in?

I got a couple but there are a couple of stretches going on: Canary Wharf is a very good example. It is almost more fun to do the expt the other direction remember a station and try to find it. Unfortunately, I can find neither a circus tent nor a picadilly anywhere :wink:

There is a circus tent next to the helter skelter and ferris wheel being cut with a knife… it’s not Piccadilly Circus.

I’m up to 20 and agree about Canary Wharf. And I’ve just found Piccadilly Circus. One thing that’s troubling me: too many crowns for the number of stations called kings or Queens something.

Canary Wharf isn’t the worst offender by a long way!

Can anyone identify the object next to the pint of beer on the bottom windowsill of the left hand building?

By the way, there are some Overground and Dockland Light Railway stations too.

And thank you for wasting most of my afternoon. :slight_smile:

That one’s got me puzzled too

Over 50 now.

Well, I’m on 78. Kinda stuck though.

I have a rubbish monitor so it’s just a blur to me, a basic description would help. I also can’t see what is at the bottom of the smear that runs past the crocodile on a pillow. And while I’m here, can anyone identify the woman balancing the house and the man on her hands. She really annoys me :slight_smile:

She’s making a decision - Man or House

The bubbles one has got me stumped.

They’re suds, not bubbles

It’s a red blob, possibly with a white top and bottom. Looks a bit like a pepper pot or salt shaker. There isn’t anything below the worn out edge of the road.

Cheers. There is definitely a station around the smear/worn out road and I could have sworn that it ends in a something with a devil face! Just seeing things I guess. Any enlightenment about the candles, the one on the car and the two fighting candles. I was convinced the latter was Kilburn but alas, no.

The key to those is to consider the particular part of the candle that’s aflame.

Yes, and you can use the zoom function of your browser - usually Ctrl + - for a closer inspection.

BTW that’s not a car. :slight_smile:

Nearly done - all I have left to are
Santa pulling a rock
guy chasing a goose
Blue rooseter
King Lobster
#1 headstone
pink thing inside colourful plastic tubes
red blob next to beer

Me too, plus a few others:

[ul][li]The tower of Es [/li][li]the planes and the net [/li][li]the ones with plasters[/li][li]The yellow rugby ball design. Or is it a burger?[/li][li]The stallholder[/li][li]The Chinese silk shirt.[/li][/ul]

The headstone should, by rights, be Headstone Lane, but it isn’t.
The blue rooster was, I thought, a reference to Trafalgar Square and hence Charing Cross, but it isn’t.
I’ve a feeling we’re supposed to recognise the guy chasing the goose.

With the chinese silk shirt, I thought of the peace pagoda and put in Battersea which comes up as close, but Battersea Park comes up as wrong.

Some of the puns have been truly awful.

The oriental garment isn’t a shirt,
The planes would be a lot easier to guess if they had three wings
'aven’t got a clue about the plasters
the answer to the ball/burger one has slipped my mind
The stallholder is selling shrubbery
and I literally cannot remember what the tower of Es is :smack: