Jomo Mojo used the word in another thread, and wondered whether it was real. I googled it, and found three instances. I think that makes it free for colonization.

Zoology is the study of animals, anthropology’s the study of humans. Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals. This includes things like Thylacines, which are (probably) extinct, and things like Sasquatch, which get reported alot but don’t ever seem to show up for dissection. I propose that we come up with a list of hidden or unknown people or groups for the budding cryptoanthropologist to examine.

Some of the classic examples:

  1. Doctors who make house calls

  2. Honest politicians

These cryptids aren’t just in the realm of myth and legend, either. They’re (supposedly) around us in our everyday life, too:

  1. The employee with the key to the fitting room when I want to try something on;

  2. The cable guy during the hours he’s supposed to show up;

  3. A cop when you need one.

There’s enough spam in my e-mail accounts to make me think that somebody must be buying all that crap, but I’ve never met anyone who admits it.

What other wily and elusive specimens are out there?

The down-to-earth pop star.

The parents of the kids across the street when they’re having a noisy, lets-all-litte-the-streets-with-beer-cans party.

An Honors English teacher at my school who can actually teach.

As someone who absolutely loves anthropology, this is a viable sub-category.

We could go in search of an honest lawyer, or one interested in you, not the money from your settlement.

Where are the sales assistants when you need one?

The sales assistant thing actually baffles me. If I walk into Office Depot just to drool over bits of hardware I can’t afford, I’m immediately asked if I would like help. When I go to actually purchase a mouse, I have to wait for an hour before someone can be found to unlock the cabinet they’re in. What on earth is going on with that?

A human being to talk to in customer service or tech support. :rolleyes:

A SDMB moderator who doesn’t think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. :smiley: