Cryptocurrency exchange founder dies and takes password to the grave

From what I gather, early on there were two distinct (but related) conspiracy theories around this case.

The first one was that Cotten was spending or otherwise personally diverting the funds, and it wasn’t just a matter of not being able to get to the money due to a lack of access to his system, but that it wasn’t there,

The second was that he faked his death to avoid prosecution.

Sometimes conspiracies actually happen. A theory is more likely to be true depending on how few people need to be involved to keep the secret. Cotten had no employees, no partners, he was a one man show. It seems like at most his wife may have been complicit in what he was doing with the funds, but I don’t think even that has been shown or would be necessary. So the theory that there was no money in those wallets was highly plausible, and based on subsequent investigations it seems like it was in fact true.

On the other hand, faking his death in the manner alleged is implausible to the extent of being fantasy. It would be one thing if he vanished without a trace, leaving behind a suicide note or something. But in this case he died at a hospital, where a death certificate was issued, and presumably his body was sent back home for burial. Faking something like that requires so many people that it gets into crazy land. It should be safe to assume the man is in fact dead.

It’s not a conspiracy theory that the wallets were drained. It’s a publicly-verifiable fact. It’s inherent in the way that bitcoin works that anyone in the world can determine how much is in any given wallet.

And all it’d take for the second conspiracy theory would be one bribed medical examiner. What got sent home was ashes. It’s not proven, no, but it’s completely plausible.

I don’t think it was a known fact when the thread started that the wallets were empty but it seems to be now.

I imagine it takes more than one corrupt ME to convince people you died at a hospital. There would be staff there too to hush up if anyone even poked into it a little. I don’t buy it.

I don’t think the matter of his death is all that clear cut:
Quadriga Fintech Solutions - Wikipedia

Well whether he’s alive or dead may not be clear cut, but cardiac arrest due to “septic shock, perforation, peritonitis, and intestinal obstruction” is a clear cut cause of death. Maybe especially so if you’re traveling in India.

Was he cremated? This casts doubt -

If he wasn’t then this has to be a big indicator that he really is dead otherwise he would have arranged for cremation in India.

Unless that would have made it too obvious…

I recall discussion in one town about some fellow who had left Canada, gone home to India, and died in a motor vehicle accident, and his relatives collected a decent life insurance claim. Apparently he/somebody allegedly showed up in Canada and when people asked what was going on, claimed to be his identical twin brother.

I’m pretty sure that if he’s not dead, that would also lead to him not having been cremated…