The Summer Issue of Games magazine is dedicated completely to cryptograms. If you’re one of those people who are constantly frustrated by the massive number of crossword books sold in bookstore game sections, and the inevitable dearth of cryptogram books at those sections, then by all means pick up a current copy of Games. It’s on sale until mid-July.

So did you have a question or something? Or are you just telling us about this?

He apparently has General Questions confused with Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share.

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I had no question, as should have been obvious from a reading of the post. And I don’t believe this appropriately belongs in MPSIMS. This was posted as a matter of informing people interested in cryptograms of the availability of a product they would like and to possibly initiate further discussion of cryptograms if anyone so desired. “General Questions” has always been an appropriate forum for such postings, whereas MPSIMS has been used for such things as “I got my haircut yesterday” or “Our power went out last night.” This post was of more general interest than something like that.

Sorry, I disagree. After all, the forum is called “General QUESTIONS,” and not “General questions and other non-interrogatory remarks.” As the seamstress said to the mailman, find another thread for your post.

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I’d have to support the posting of this article here, for the simple fact that DSchaffer actually wants people to read it. If it went to MPSIMS, about 50% of readers would never look at it. I, for one, will try to buy this cryptogram issue, and never read MPSIMS.

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Well said, Diceman. Maybe if Chef Troy and Robudude had frequented the board on AOL they would better understand. And yes, some people who read this board won’t ever bother with mundane pointless, although I would post there for some reasons.

Enjoy the cryptograms.

IMNSHO, nobody who frequents AOL understands anything better than I do :wink:

And sorry, I still don’t think that mispostings should be allowed just because “you want someone to see it.” Go found alt.timewasters.cryptograms and let your brethren find you.

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I would say at least 90% of the people who frequented the AOL Straight Dope Board understand most everything better than Chef Troy does. And it isn’t a “misposting” just because it doesn’t literally include a question. Many of the postings in the General Questions Board at the previous sight didn’t include questions either, but were fodder for discussion nonetheless.

The funny thing is, based on the complaints that have been made, I could have easily avoided your protestations just by tacking some empty rhetorical question at the end of the post, something like “So, what y’all think of cryptograms,” and that would have been fine since the post literally included a question. But it wouldn’t have added anything meaningful to the content of the post, which was in fact just fine the way it was, and where it was.

Well, I see RoboDude has scurrilously absconded and left me with no support. sigh

Dschaffer, I was KIDDING with my remarks about AOL and the depth of understanding displayed by its subscribers (as evidenced by my little winking smiley pal). You apparently are NOT kidding about my own powers of understanding, so I feel obliged to point out that you are making unwarranted assumptions about someone you don’t know – usually a sign of a lack of understanding.

And no, I don’t think tacking on an empty question such as you have suggested would make this thread fit the criteria for General Questions as I understand them (e.g., queries or remarks intended to engender discussion of a topic). Your original post was nothing more than a promotional plug for a magazine, so don’t try to dress it up now. There is no evidence you were trying to open a debate on cryptograms; you were just trying to be helpful to your cryptogram-loving brethren.
There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with trying to be helpful, but I stand by my position that this thread was misplaced.

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While I can see how my original post could be construed as a plug for Games magazine, a more careful reading would have shown it to be an attempt to alert others interested in cryptograms to the availability of this product. As I stated, cryptogram books are generally hard to come by, at least in my experience.

I maintain that creating threads on this board that aren’t literally questions is legitimate, and will continue to do so.

And all you had to do to avoid this flamefest was to begin your statement with “Did you know that…?”

Sort of like Jeopardy…

You people have too much time on your hands.

Too much time on our hands? Well then, let’s all head out to our local newstands and pick up a copy of the summer issue of Games magazine. It’s dedicated entirely to cryptograms, and is available to mid-July. That should help us fill some of this free time?

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My sentiments exactly, APB

It is my fervent hope that APB’s post is actually random gibberish – isn’t it delicious picturing all those cryptogram-lovers tearing their hair out trying to solve it?

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I have solution to the problem!!!
Does anybody here like cryptograms?

I was wondering cause GAMES Magazine has an issue devoted to them in July.

An informative question

No, Chef, it’s real, if simple.