Crystal Lite, you got balls

There’s a new ad campaign (new to me at least) that says, “Water your body” and advertises Crystal Lite as having 20% more water. AFAICT that means you mix in approximately 20% less Crystal Lite – it’s basically sugar free Kool Aid.

It’s brilliant! This is on a par with adding ‘Repeat’ to shampoo bottles.

I do like the TV ads. It’s a series of very good looking women getting splashed by water.

I’ll bet they raised the price too!

Um no. Time to get a comprehension check-up.

The commercials say that “people who drink Crystal Light drink 20% more water than people who drink plain water”. In other words, tasty sweetened water is more appealing than plain water and people are more apt to drink sweet tasty water than regular water. I’m not seeing how anything about this is surprising or controversial.

At least they’re selling a real product. I mean, don’t even get me started on bottled water. I have a Brita pitcher and a thermos… why do I need your “product”?


It all depends on the quality of the pre-filtered water.

Something bad happened recently to our local tap water supply and even though it is filtered it tastes horrible unless served at 34° or so.

Sugar-free flavored water made from our filtered water sure tastes much better than without and we drink more of it.

I think **Boyo Jim **mentioned something about pretty women getting wet. While that’s going on, you expect him, or me, or any other guy, to have the slightest idea what’s being said or even what kind of a product is being sold? Not likely.

Modern TV: A half hour show is 8 minutes of sex tease, 8 minutes of pickup trucks doing manly things, and 14 minutes of filler badly disguised as a program. Ain’t the 21st Century great!?

Sheesh! Has commercial TV really gotten that bad? 16 minutes of commercials in a half hour program? I can’t imagine a viewer actually accepting this.

I’ve become a Hulu watcher for pretty much everything that interests me and use my TV primarily for viewing DVDs. My Tivo is more idle now than it’s ever been since I record practically nothing anymore. I’m sure many others are headed in my direction, so I’m incredulous that the networks would further alienate their dwindling viewer base by shoving more commercials down everyone’s throats.

Can you imagine billions of people accepting this, then? Actually a lot of us are skipping commercials - which is why you have commercials IN the shows now; “Let’s take my Chevrolet Aveo to the crime scene.” “Wow - look at that leg room!” “And I get 32 miles per gallon, too.”

If you guys want an eye-opening experience, listen to some commercials without watching them, and watch some commercials without listening to them. They are FILTHY! They get away with it because when you put the sound and picture together, they seem to be painting an innocuous picture, but the filth is still there (and oh boy, does our subconscious know it!).

Which reminds me never trust my reasining skills at 4 AM. I’ve seen the ad again, and you are correct. My version is funnier though.

I don’t know about talk shows but, without commercials, regular half-hour shows run about 21-22 minutes and hour shows run about 43 minutes.

And I am not a math whiz, but 8+8+14=30 last I checked, and all I could think of that particular post was ‘He’s forgetting the time for the commercials’ :stuck_out_tongue:

The 8 + 8 *were *the commercials. They’re all the sex tease & pickup trucks. The 14 was the show.

I find scary is that sometimes the program seems densely (as in huge mass) packed with a story.

I hate the real crime shows that re-state “what we have learned so far” after EVERY commercial break. The first 8 minutes is the opening credits + set-up, then there is 16 minutes ad-time broken down into 4 parts, 25 minutes reiterating and 11 minutes of actual information.

Reminds of my bras when I was an A cup wanting to be a C cup in junior high.
Lots of padding.

No half-hour show has 16 minutes of commercials. They have 7-8 minutes. I believe the maximum allowed for network broadcasts is 16 minutes per hour. Syndicated and cable programming may have more in some cases.

Hell, the talk show basically IS a commercial for whatever the guests are hyping that day.

It’s a law of physics I think… I’m not sure. But water is magic stuff. It possesses the power to turn a white T shirt transparent when applied to the chest of a shapely woman. This is true, I’ve seen it happen. Water is wonderful stuff.

This is true. Without water, women in wet t-shirts would not be possible.

I’m so very smug that I get the BBC, where 30 minutes of programming = just that.

I would just like to register my appreciation of this thread title. Crystal … balls. :smiley: