Crystal Reports 2008 Graph/Formula question

Hi all, hope you don’t mind my intruding with another tech question.

Once again I’ve gotten myself in over my head and need to create a series of graphs using Crystal Reports. I’m completely self-taught, and think I have a pretty good grasp of how to handle most tasks. There is one thing that has me stumped, however. I need to graph on a rather complex formula. Keep in mind that only a graph is needed, no tables or charts. And what I need the graph to do is this:

X axis: distillation of sales prices (based on the field in my table, “sellingprice”) starting at Less than 100k, then 50k increments up to 550k, then Greater than 550k. I have this setup using the “in specified order” option built in to Crystal.

Y axis: I need it to show the “Market Supply” of active property records, in months. The way we determine that number is thus:


Here’s how I tried to make it work in Crystal:

Total_Actives_This_Month = iif({mls_data.status}=“ACTIVE” and {}=“NO” and year({mls_data.sellingdate})=2011, 1, 0)

Total_Sales_Past_12_Months = iif({mls_data.sellingdate} in LastyearMTD and {mls_data.status}=“ACTIVE”, 1, 0)

And then MarketSupply = Total_Actives_This_Month/(Total_Sales_Past_12_Months/12)

But when I put MarketSupply in the Show Values area in the Chart Expert Data tab I get a “division by zero” error.

Am I even on the right path for getting that formula to work in a graph? An tips?

Also, the X axis I described above, it is VERY tedious setting up the Specified Order within the Crystal GUI, as I have to enter, Less than or equal to 100000, then Between 10001 and 125000, then, Between 125001 and 150000, Then Between 150001 and 175000, etc, etc, then finally Greater than 550000. Is there an easier way to make that happen? I see there is a way to order based on a formula but couldn’t find any examples of how.