Crystal Skull, vodka, Dan Akroyd

I didn’t say he wasn’t making some nice coin from it - I’m just saying it’s not ‘I need to pay for my house, give me a job!’, it’s making money on something he actually believes in.

That website says they are available in the US now.

Yes, but there’s no information on how to order them. As far as I can tell, you still need to go to Russia (or eastern europe) and bring it back yourself.

And the contact page says " Currently not available for sale."

You said he’d do it for free, and that he didn’t need the money. That was you, wasn’t it? Well then, why isn’t he?

Because he doesn’t need to.

He can make money doing it. If he couldn’t, he’d still do it.

Because this isn’t just an ad spiel, it’s what he actually believes.

But, if you want to twist saying ‘he’s not doing it just for the money’ into ‘he wouldn’t do it for money’, then, go ahead. That’s not what I said, it’s not what I meant, and it’s not what the phrase I used means when it’s used, by anyone, ever.

You said “he’d do it for free.” Unless someone else was at your keyboard. Were they?

What’s stopping him from doing it for free? And why charge such an exorbitant price if “he’d do it for free”?

You know what, I don’t know what kind of gotcha game you think you’re playing, but I’m not playing any more.

I said exactly what I meant, what I meant and what I said is completely true, your insistence on claiming that ‘he would do it for free, because he believes in this’ and ‘he’s making money on it’ are in some way contradictory (they’re not) doesn’t change that.

He’s charging good money for the vodka because he CAN. People will pay it.

That doesn’t mean he’s not a believer in all that woo woo insanity, it doesn’t mean he’s got bills to pay and is taking whatever job is handed to him, it just means he’s quite happy to milk his fellow woo woo believers, and people who are willing to pay a premium for a cool bottle, or booze made by a celeb. While doing something he’d happily do for free - promoting his paranormal nonsense.

I’d buy it, just to get the bottle. It’d look great, refilled with something like midouri {I’d prefer something better flavored, and therefore, tougher} and tucked into the back of my liquor collection (which we transfer into nice glass bottles).

I’ve heard some pretty scary stories about Ackroyd’s visits to West Virginia “Gentleman’s Clubs”. If the stories are true, he could be going through a great deal of money in next to no time. I’m not having any trouble believing he’s desperate.

I should add that I can’t see the links from work. …


That’s good skull vodka.

I might get one just for the unique bottle, but would never get a second one.

Back when I was in college, I knew some guys with a drill bit made for drilling through glass. They’d make bongs (ahem, excuse me, water pipes) out of any creatively-shaped glass bottle they could get their hands on, and they’d have loved to get their hands on an empty from that stuff.

It would make a really cool candle holder once the vodka was gone. Add some red-colored water to the bottle, stuff a candle into the opening…viola!

That’s the most awesome typo I’ve seen in a while. ::eerie, ominous music playing on a viola::

Please don’t fix it.

Hee hee!

I actually have one, signed by Akroyd. From what I see, the vodka is nothing special; it is probably identical (in taste) to hundreds of other brands.
I suspect this stuff will be on sale next year.

I saw these bottles for sale in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t realize they were from Akroyd’s distillery. Cool looking bottle; if I needed expensive vodka, I’d buy this once, just to keep the bottle.

Indeed it would. But you’d probably also want to make some sort of base for it, because as it is, the candle would be at an angle and would drip all over.

If you’re anywhere near the midwest, you can buy it for $51.99 at John’s Grocery in Iowa City, Iowa, if you’re interested.

I’ve thought about getting a bottle, but I’m not a big vodka drinker. Nevertheless, the bottle is wicked cool. But $52.00 wicked cool? Not yet.

(Obligatory “BAND NAME!” thingamabugger.)