Crystal Skull, vodka, Dan Akroyd

to cool for words

There I was, waiting for the punchline…

I’m disappointed and worried that there wasn’t one.


This is why they need another Ghostbusters movie. Dan’s desperate for money.

Obligatory Peep Show clip

Summary, please? I don’t like blindly clicking links.

Two ads for a vodka with Akroyd as the front man.

how could you forget the crystal skull bottle?

Seems cheesy and sad for me. These ads were running in Chicago and I was thinking how desperate is Akroyd for money? He’s been is so many movies you’d think he wouldn’t have to shill for vodka.

Too odd. The pitch reads like an over the top parody and every word and nuance is familar from his SNL pitchman clips, and yet he wants this to be taken seriously. Irwin Mainway goes legit.

I totally want some.

Not that I really care to defend him, but he’s not just a “shill” for the vodka, he makes it. He owns a winery, which apparently is now a distillery as well.

Aykroyd really is a believer in stuff like crystal skulls and the like.

It has nothing to do with needing money, he’d do it for free - it’s pushing something he really does believe.

He was hawking his vodka just a mile or so away from here last week- I kinda wish I’d gone by to see him.

He was in Newfoundland 2 years ago hawking his wine. At Chirstmas I was given a signed bottle as a gift. I was shocked that the giver had waited in line to get it signed. I looked at him, surprised - he started to smirk - I accused him of forging Dan Ackroyd’s signature, to which he copped.

The funny part was, he had actually spent hours finding Dan’s signature on the internet, so that he could accurately copy it. It would have been faster to wait in line.

[Butthead]I like the skulls…[/Butthead]

Wine? Yeah, OK. But “craft vodka” is nothing but naked greed and marketing. I mean, yeah, it’s a license to print money in some circles, but bleh. Reach a certain level of quality, and there’s no discernible difference between vodkas.

You left out the goth bottle.

That’s where the naked greed and marketing comes in.

It sells for $49.95 a bottle. For vodka.

That is a wicked cool bottle. If you like that, check out this Kalashnikov shaped one. Unfortunately, they’re not available in the US. Some collectors I know have been trying to get them for years without success.