Crystal that absorbs 100x its own weight in water

I’ve bought a few of these “Crystal Clay” kits at, and I was wondering what exactly is the crystal was that is comes with.

The stuff really does absorb something like 100 times its own weight, resulting in a jello-like substance. I’d like to perhaps get more of this crystal, perhaps in bulk form, and not by buying doezens of thee plant kit things.

Anybody know what this stuff may be? It’s kinda neat.

If I remember correctly from high school chemistry class… those are “super-absorbant polymers”. You find them in things like “super-absorbant” diapers.

I’ve always been looking to find this stuff in bulk… the closest I’ve seen was at a novelty-gift store in the mall. But even then they were only selling it in containers big enough to gel up the water in a single glass. and it was something like $5 bucks a pop. certainly too expensive to really start playing around with.

I don’t know if this will get you any closer to your answer… but there’s some more info, anyhow.

That is a help, thanks!


Is 50 lbs too much? :wink:

No only is 50 pounds too much, but 250 bucks is wee bit more than I’d like to spend… But thanks anyway for the link, Shiva.

I wonder if I could just buy a box of diapers and rip 'em open?

A dry sponge can do the same thing. Of course, they aren’t as much fun.

Uh, I know you are joking right? You haven’t priced diapers recently if you aren’t. Almost bought a Bissel rather than buy diapers for my kid.

You might also want to check for places that sell liquid cooling kits for computers. Some recommend the use of those crystals to prevent moisture build up in your case.

No, I did not attempt to make a joke. Not having any kids ever, I had no idea that diapers were significantly expensive.

What price range are we talking here? Aren’t there cheap-ass off-brands?

This absorbent diaper stuff is apparently also a simply amazing fire retardant and it is being marketed in liquid spray form to industrial fire departments and the military.