Crystals... do they work? What do you know about them?

OOPS! since that is what keeps lifeinteresting.

Actually, Meep, you’re wrong. If crystals and psychics could really do what has been claimed for them, it would indeed be proveable. (Unlike the existence of God, for example, which is not.)

Alas, the evidence is not there to support claims regarding the powers of crystals or psychics. Which tends to support the idea that the claims are bogus.

Why stop at crystals? If you’re friend is really hurting, I suggest a good bleeding. Perhaps you can find some leeches and take them over.

On the other hand, perhaps your friend’s real problem is due to a small dwarf or newt living in the stomach.

Who needs the scientific method when you can just believe?

I second David B’s response. It is possible to disprove crystal power (using double-blind placebo tests) and it’s already been done.

That isn’t to say that the power of suggestion can’t do anything, however. I heard a story (don’t remember, sorry, I can’t get a source) of a person who was diagnosed with some kind of intestinal/liver disease, and his doctor said that he had only 6 months to live. 6 months later, he died. But the autopsy revealed that he was falsely diagnosed, and that he just died because he thought he would subconsciously. So even if they are technically disproven, buying quartz crystals usually won’t hurt anything except your wallet.

Meephead, I felt it was rather rude how some people come across in there response to this thread also, however, if they need an outlet to gush thier beliefs in such a manner, so be it. I thank you for your post :slight_smile:

Sam Stone, your post made no sense to me. Just a bunch of sarcastic and insensitive bullshit.

Silly Rabbit, at the beginning of this thread, you asked the opinions of the Teeming Minions about crystals and their effects. It now seems as if that you only wanted opinions that co-incided with yours, and have no desire to listen to opinions or facts that disagree with your opinion.
IMHO, you posted this in my forum under false pretenses, and I’m closing it.

If you wish to post a thread declaring your belief in crystals and their supposed properties, do so in MPSIMS. But, even there, expect opinions that differ from yours, and the unwelcome insertion of facts that tend to incringe on your “beliefs”.