Crystals... do they work? What do you know about them?

I have a good friend who is in a VERY dark time in his life right now. He and I have become quite close in the last few weeks.

I want so badly to help him, but there really is only so much I can do. I take him to doctor appointments, we have lunch and talk, we chat alot online.

One thing I would like to do is buy him a “healing crystal”. My Mom bought me one once when I was younger and, oddly enough, it did help. I can’t remember what it was.

Has anyone had any experience with crystals and thier healing properties? Which ones worked best?

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Short answers:

  1. “Healing crystals” don’t work. No crystals work, as far as anyone has been able to determine.

  2. You’re going to have a hard time finding people who believe “healing crystals” work on the SDMB, I’m afaid.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your friend, but I think your support and concern would work much better than any lump of quartz that’s being pawned off as a “healing crystal.”

Well, who cares what you say . . . crystals work for me. I feel really good energy emanating from them. I just bought a beautiful amethyst crystal for my wife, it was our 15th aniversary today. The crystal anniversary. She digs the chi in it too.

Not everyone responds to crystals the same. Take your friend to a place that has crystals and see how his experience is.

Crystals are krap!

They don’t work, just like those pyramid hats, houses, awnings, and tents are bogus.

Don’t look for Earth power nexus either, because that’s bunk.

Avoid all psychics because they’re fakes.

A good psychotherapist, however, can do wonders.

The thought of “Fighting Ignorance…” and “crystals having healing power” seems inconsistent to say the least.

Might as well start watching where you walk…, lest you fall off the edge of the earth.

Cecil has a column entitled Do crystals have special powers?

Odds are any conclusions would be a rehash of his.

But then, this is IMHO and not GQ or GD, so, IMHO, they’re bunk.

I’m a rockhound, so I collect crystals (as well as rocks and minerals which aren’t as trendy) because I just like having them. They’re interesting to look at and feel.

I believe that “healing power” is a placebo effect. If you believe you’ll feel better, you probably will.

Another rockhound checking in.

I design jewelry and frequently work with crystals and gemstones. I find them aesthetically pleasing to work with. Beyond that, they are just rocks, and have no special powers; I just happen to love them. When my customers sometimes ask, “What does this rock do?”, I tell them as much. I don’t want to encourage fallacies about minerals.

That said, a gift to a troubled friend as a show of support can be a healing thing. But it’s your friendship that’s the *real * gift.

Quartz is magic in the sense that it is used to manufacture one of the most fascinating and important electronic components the world has ever seen, the piezoelectric quartz crystal unit. Without this device, the field of frequency control would hardly exist. In addition to communications applications such as cell phones, crystal units are found wherever microprocessors are used. Your electronic wristwatch, your color TV, your computer, your microwave oven, and your automobile all use multiple quartz crystal units—several billion of these devices are manufactured yearly, yet most people have never heard of them.

You might guess that I have more than a passing interest in these devices.

My sister owns a crystal shop in Woodstock, NY, where I have spent many happy hours socializing with the folks. Most of them believe the crystals themselves not only have magic powers, but that each variety has a different effect -black tourmaline dispels negative energy, rose quartz heals emotional distress, etc.

 Since I am by nature and conscious choice a skeptic, my way of dealing with this is a compromise. I suggest that the stones are triggers which can activate the healing powers innate in the people. This seems to satisfy most of the pagan/Wicca/flower children I chat with.

I, for one, care about what rjung has to say, but…

I’m fascinated by your claim that crystals “work for you”, but some questions arise:

“Good energy”? What kind? How can it be measured? ANY kind of energy can be measured, you know. If it’s giving off enough energy that you can “feel” it, it’s giving off enough energy for a voltmeter or geiger counter to pick up. (If it’s giving off that much radiation, it could also be giving you something nasty, but since “good energy” is pretty undefined, who knows? More testing is clearly called for.)

Anyway, I’d be interested in a double blind test of your ability to “feel” the “good energy”. Something simple like: three opaque boxes. One of which has a crystal that you’ve pre-determined has “good energy” emanations, one of which has a rock that you’ve predetermined doesn’t have “good energy” emanations and one of which has nothing, with a predetermined amount of tries. I’d love to see your results.

Y’know, The Amazing Randi would probably want more controls and stuff, but you could easily win a cool million dollars with your “good energy” sensing ability. If you’re interested, I’ll happily post a link to the Million Dollar Paranormal Challange (or whatever it’s called)

A rockhound who’s sick of a cheap $3.00 quartz crystal going for $40.00 because of “Krystal Kooks” as my local rock shop owner calls them.

Thank you all for your responses.

Regardless of whether crystals are merely placebo or give off a true vibration to assist the soul in healing certain ailments within, I feel that when one is presented as a gift of the heart, it’s job has already begun.

However, I do have faith in crystals and how they affect us.

FWIW,I do NOT equate the belief in crystals to my belief in most dime store psychics.

  1. Quartz crystals will resonate, but only if you run electrical current through them. So if you do feel anything from wearing a quartz crystal, you’d probably have to be electrocuting yourself.

  2. I couldn’t find anything directly related to crystal “therapy,” but if you’re interested in becoming educated about other healing quackery/scams, I suggest you check out

Don’t be naive. A present is nice, but getting your friend believing in New Age hippie crap is not the way to help him.

I don’t believe that crystals have healing powers. I don’t believe that “Get Well Soon” cards have healing powers, either, but I do send them. If your friend has a sentimental or wishful turn of mind, giving him a crystal isn’t any sillier than giving him flowers - and crystals last longer. I’ve only “responded” to two minerals (call it chi or sentiment or what you will): hematite and amethyst. Hematite gives me a “speeded up” feeling, and amethyst gives me a “slowed down” feeling. Perhaps your friend would feel the same.

That’s my two cents.

“most” dime store psychics?..So there are psychics that you DO believe in? :frowning:

:rolleyes: In what way do you believe they affect us?

Do I believe that crystals have healing powers? No.
Do I believe that a person’s outlook can have an affect on their well-being? Most assuredly.

Do I believe in the supernatural abilities of psychics? No. Do I believe that some people are incredibly observant and intuitive, and that many other people are both suggestible and desirous of believing what they wish to believe? Yes.

Is it my job to change the minds of naive people, or those who wish to have their beliefs in spite of a lack of supporting evidence? No.
Is it my job to work on eradicating ignorance or naivety in myself? Yes, I I feel it is.

The mind is incredibly powerful. If someone believes that something will help them, sometimes it will.

Silly Rabit, crystals are for kids!

(Somebody had to say it.)

Anyway, SR said:

And can’t that be said about any gift? Why get an expensive piece of rock? Get something that the person likes if you want to make them feel better.

Just a quick thought…

This is not a personal attack on Adventurious82, so please don’t take it as such. I quoted th following post because it represents much of what has been said in this thread and others.

I am not saying that Crystals work, or that psychics have specially developed powers, because I believe that proving such a thing may not be possible. My problem with the above statements is that, to me, they sound like a direct attack on someone’s beliefs.

How are the above statements any different than me saying, “Christianity is crap. Prayer doesn’t work. Allah is a myth. Buddah is fake. Judaism is ludicrous…”

We can’t prove or disprove any of those any easier than crystal healing and psychics, IMO. It is OK to have differing beliefs, since that is what keeps lie interesting. If you state that you don’t believe what someone else does, it doesn’t have to come off as a personal attack. Please be a bit more sensitive.