CSI 5/2 thread (Spoilers)

Okay, straight from that case in Texas of the woman who hit a homeless man and then let him bleed to death in the garage…but it just broke my heart when they showed the bleeding trapped man trying to call 911 on the cell phone in the car.

And that woman who drowned in the desert…what a jerk her fiance was!!

Not much Warwick or Katherine…but I loved how she wandered in real quick, pointed out that the ignition lock wasn’t popped in the Mercedes, and dashed out again.

I love this show…can’t wait until the Miami one starts up!

Yeah, they’re pretty good at basing episodes on real events. I remember one earlier this year about killings at a Buddist monastery that was also based on a real event. There were probably more that I’m not remembering.

Miami one? What Miami one?

I’m looking forward to the Miami one too. Isn’t it Catherine & Warrick who head out to Miami? Next Thursday. . . counting the days . . .

Not to hijack, but could someone 'splain the whole trail map thing to me? I fail to grasp how adding pretend ridges to the map could actually increase the difficulty of the hike! I mean, once she actually reached the ridge, she could see that it differed from the map.

There’s going to be a spin-off show, ALA Law and Order, set in Miami. They’re going to set it up by sending some of the Las Vegas team to help investigate the Miami case.

How the hell did he dial the phone? It looked like his arms were pinned.

Also, how does the suicide note prevent a DWI rap? Sure, it’d be unlikely for the driver to get pinned with vehicular manslaughter, but the D.A. in that situation is certain to get him for drunken driving even if it was a suicide.

Another plot hole, but I suppose she could have changed her course so that she didn’t get near enough to see the map was wrong.

I’m just glad they don’t advertise those episodes as “ripped from the headlines”. I hate that.

I’m sure there were some others based on real events, but I can’t remember any right now.

Anyway, this is the best show. I especially like when they feature accidents that don’t turn out to be murders at all. My favorite was the college girl who fell in the dumpster. It was cool how they discovered the sequence of random events that lead to her death.

She probably never went in the direction of the ridge at all because (had the map been correct) it would have been a big waste of time. The red marker lines on the map suggested that she chose a route that went the opposite way in order to avoid that extreme terrain.

It wouldn’t. The issue was vehicular manslaughter which, with the suicide not, the lawyer would have gotten out of once he sobered up enough to call it in. Unfortunately, the guy wasn’t dead so it then became murder. See, the DUI would still have been enforcable, but not the VM.

IANAL, though, so take that as you will. As for te phone, I wasn’t paying a ton of attention, so I’m not sure how he dialed it.

Suicide not = suicide note, of course.

As for te phone = As for the phone, too.

Don’t ask me why, but when the story about the girl who drowned started to unfold a little, I thought it might be a flash flood. However, no evidence that water had been flowing anywhere around her. Even if the water had evaporated, wouldn’t there still be evidence of flowing water such as in a dry river bed?

Was this a plot hole or am I missing something?

I, for one, am not looking forward to the Miami spin off, ‘cause it’s showcasing David Caruso. I’'m not a fan of his.

I had similar thoughts. It seemed that the girl only had one big gash on her head, and when they first came up with the flash flood theory, I thought: “Well, considering the big hike the CSI guys took to get way up there, if she got washed down from that altitude to the bottom, wouldn’t her body have been a lot more battered?”

I once fell off my bike and rolled down a mere 20 foot slope and I looked like I’d been trampled by a heard of sheep!

Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t care for last night’s “ripped from the headlines” plot. It was so obvious where they were going with it. Okay, I didn’t see the suicide angle, but I’d rather see a story they’ve actually put a little though into. :rolleyes:

The guy drove home with an injured, bleeding man hanging half out of his windshield, and nobody who passed him noticed anything?

Something similar did actually happen, so I suppose it’s possible.

Well, it really happened about two months ago and nobody noticed anything then, apparently. Here’s a link to the story: