CSI:Miami and Human Implants

Last night I watched an old episode of CSI:Miami, one in which the crime scene is an upscale nightclub patronized by the the young, rich, and beautiful. At one point, we are told that the young women who frequent the club have implanted in their chests electronic chips which can be read by a scanning device at the club and which contain information on their credit cards, driver’s license, etc. Is this for real? Are such implants in common use in Miami and other places? Or is this just another example of CSI off-the-wall technology?

The technology exists, much like the implanted RFID chips on pets. I could see some kind of uber elite club offering to plant an RFID chip on a customer in exchange for convenient billing to a credit card on file. The RFID chip would not have the credit card info per se, just an account on their system to bill drinks/dinner/admissions to. This would allow you to party all night, no need for a purse, wallet, loose cash, etc.

The only case I know of like this is a professor (I forget his name) who enjoys implanting technological devices in himself. He has a chip that opens the lab doors, turns on equipment and other things. I’m sure one of the other Dopers will know who I mean.

Can I volunteer to scan the chips in the boobies? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a hard worker and come cheap.

If a bar can do it, so can a scammer.

I don’t follow.

All the chip has to contain is an ID code. All credit card information is kept in the club’s computer.

A scammer reading the chip would only get the ID code, not any useful information.

I wasn’t asking about the possibility of such a procedure, but rather whether or not it is in common use in nightclubs as *CSI:Miami *suggested. My knowledge of such clubs is miniscule, so I suppose such things could be common and I wouldn’t know it.

AFAIK Human chipping is exceedingly rare and I know of no club that practices it.

Another Thing- What about laws requiring state-issued ID for any place that serves alcohol? IANALawyer and I know that some states have laws for private clubs. But it seems that getting the chip would be a waste if you have to present your driver’s license in order to get a drink.

Except that ID code (or codes–I would hope you wouldn’t get a separate chip for every bar) is useful information in itself. All the identity thief would have to do is program another chip with the codes, then use it or sell it to someone to get a free ride on the victim’s accounts. If it’s not backed by other forms of ID, this wouldn’t be particularly easy to detect. If it is backed up by other ID, why bother with it?

Of course, there are ways to make it slightly more secure. Each club could take a photo and driver’s license scan and match it to the ID in the database, then check them each time someone buys something with the chip, for example. Sounds like a hassle to me, though, quite aside from the security risk of having your photo, identifying information, and credit card info on file in a bunch of bars.

All that is aside from the fact that we’re talking about a scheme in which women let people stick nontrivial chunks of glass and metal in their chests. Chunks that some studies have associated with the formation of tumors.

No, this isn’t common. It’s pretty typical of the Criminally Stupid Investigators shows, though.

It would have to be a truly expensive account to be worth the trouble of getting the code, making a counterfeit chip, and implanting it in somebody.

Depending on how the scan works and what the impersonator wore, it might not have to be implanted. They could tape it to the inside of their clothes in the right area, for example. That makes the fake chips disposable, which is what you’d want; use it for one evening, then ditch it before anyone catches on.

The principal market I would expect for it wouldn’t be people looking to put their drinks on someone else’s tab (though that would be considered a bonus, I’m sure). It would be kids looking for fake IDs to get into the clubs. If you completely replace standard ID with these things–and, like I said, what’s the point in them if you don’t?–it could be a decent little scam.

A google for “implanted chip entry nightclub” shows that there’s a club in Scotland and one in Barcelona that do this, but I don’t see entries for Miami other than the CSI episode.

In the US, any sort of implanted ID will get decried by the surprisingly noisy Revelation fundies (these chips are interpreted as a “mark of the beast” – they’ve even got a thing about RFID on packages), and probably wouldn’t fly for the general population. I suspect young nightclub attendees wouldn’t care, though.