CSI:Miami--It's worse than I feared

Putting this here because Television w/o Pity dropped it from their message boards, and I needed a place to mock it.
Spoilered just in case someone taped it and hasn’t had a chance to watch.

Horatio and Yelena having a tender moment, a made-up country (Barracas? WTF?), two jerk brothers (who are the most offensive Latino stereotypes this side of Peoples Hernandez) with diplomatic immunity, Horatio being pompous and almost causing an international incident

At least Delko and Speedle (aka Hot and Hotter) are back :slight_smile:

And this is not a standard CSI-M episode how?

Very standard - but nearly naked supermodels at the beginning was a bit of a change…

It’s still on TWoP; it’s been moved to the general ‘Dramas’ board.
It’s being mocked for all it’s worth over there.
Yeah, it was bad.

I can’t believe how good the original CSI is (the Thursday version), and how bad this one is in comparison.
Since Third Watch has now been moved to 10:00, there’s no choice about what I’ll be watching on Monday nights. Yokas and Bosco will have my full attention.

Sheesh, I watch too much TV…
Next time someone’s at the store, will they get me a life?

When I first saw the original CSI (it’s quite ‘new’ here in the UK) I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes at it. It’s as if these people never went to college or anything and that they are learning it all as they go along. Entering each new scene as if it’s their first time, and being surprised and intrigued by even the simplest clues. The storylines are a bit simplistic too.
But the darn thing has grown on me

Have they ever failed to solve a case?

<shrugs> I don’t like the orginal, but I watch Miami because it has a more likeable cast. Maybe you had to already be a fan of Rory Cochrane and Adam Rodriguez before the show started…