CSS question: inheriting <a> tags within <p> tags

I have a web site with a linked CSS style sheet. Works swell. Except, I have the following situation:

For most of the page, I have a blue background with black <P> text and white <A> text.

But I have a separate section on the page with a WHITE background and black text. For this, I’d like the <A> links to be blue (since, obviously, if the links were still white, the text would be invisible).

The text in this section is inserted on the server side as a single block from an external file.

Is there any way to apply a single class to the entire text block and have it inherit the proper <A> color? In other words, I don’t want to have to go into the inserted text file and write "<a class=“classname” href=“link.html>link</a>” , I just want to write the included file as "<a href=“link.html>link</a>” and the parent file as “<p class=“classname”><!–#include file=“includename.asp”–></p>”, since the style for the web site could change later, and I’d rather not have to go into all the included files and change a bunch of classes.

Never mind, folks. I just found out about Contextual selectors. Case closed.

Maybe something like this:?

.main { your main P attributes with blue background }
.submain {your “other” section with the white background }

a {ALL of your A text attributes }

.main A {your A text attributes for use when child of class main }

.submain A { your A text attributes for use when child of class submain }

You shouldn’t have to change your markup at all, unless you’re not using classes for a P (but you should). The syntax above works for when A is a descendant of any element classed main or submain. If you want finer control, look up child selectors (>) and adjecent sibling selectors (+), although not all browsers support all of them equally, :: cough internet explorer cough ::