Cthulhu Tract

An oldie but a goodie and something I’m sure the Dopers will enjoy if they aren’t already familiar with it…

Why We’re Here

Does anyone have a link to Who Will be Eaten First?



This deserves honorable mention in any list of Dopername/post-content combos.

That whole “Stars are right” thing makes me think there might be a loophole. The stars are where they are (and are moving to where they’re moving), and their apparent positions relative to one another are entirely a matter of perspective based on where the observer stands.

Why not create a massive engineering project and shift the solar system a few parsecs perpendicular to the galactic plane on which it is currently traveling? Then the stars will never be right again.

Maybe that’s what the Elder Gods are waiting for?

Are the stars being in the right position from the original stories? I don’t remember that (but then, its been a decade or two since I read Lovecraft).