Cuban roast pork from Versailles

I thought of Versailles Cuban restaurant (on Venice) while posting in another thread. Friend silenus replied. So now I’ve got cuban food on my mind.

Does anyone, who has eaten at Versailles, have a recipe so that I can duplicate their roast pork?

I don’t have a recipe, but you can buy their mojo sauce…which I believe the pork is doused in. Soooo good and garlicky …

No, but I’ve eaten at the Versailles, and that stuff is yummy. If you find the recipe, SHARE it :slight_smile:

Mmm…Cuban food…

I may just make a run down to Porto’s for lunch. Love their torta de pollo…and of course the tarts. And refugiados. And cheese rolls. And … well … everything else.

I despatched an email to their info address, and it bounced. I tried ringing their Corporate number, and there was no answer. The recipe couldn’t possibly be as simple as ‘marinate the pork in the sauce, then slow-roast it’ – can it?

In any case, I just ordered a twin-pack of the sauce. We’ll see…

So aside from buying the bottled sauce, anyone have any suggestions?

Can you call one of the locations and just ask?

The store I went to was always incredibly busy. I don’t think they’d appreciate a call. I did ring the corporate office, but there was no answer and an email I sent bounced back.