Cubs game tonight-what do I charge to not go?

So I am planning on going to the Cubs game tonight. I don’t have tickets but I worked there for four years and am pretty confident I can get in SRO with little problem.

This is the Big Game, first time in a hundred years and possibly my only chance to see Cubs post season play! So my ex calls me up a minute ago and asks me to watch the kids so she can go to the game, she got great seats right behind first base which are selling for close to $1000 each.

What would be fair compensation for me to forgoe seeing the Cubs play? An added piece of data is that she is going to take her White Sox loving boyfriend which just seems wrong to me.

Why not try taking them to the game too? If you know people there (which you implied) a couple kids shouldn’t be too hard for someone to “not notice” on the way in :wink:

Hell, this may be the only time in their lives the Cubs make the playoffs.

Can’t she/you hire a babysitter?

If you really would rather spend time with your kids why don’t you stipulate that her Chisox BF can’t go with her. Make her take a Cubs fan you know instead.

I don’t know why he wants to go anyway. Unless of course he is rooting for the Marlins. But somehow I think your ex wouldn’t appriciate that.

In case anyone was wondering, I was posting mostly in jest. What will most likely happen is that she will take our 6 year old son who loves baseball and I will take my 9 yr old daughter to go buy a cd or a sparkly bauble for she greatly desires such things:)

We’ll probably end up at The Keg for dinner and watch on the big screen so we can see them hopefully.

Everyone wins and I once again look like the Good Guy;)

Take my advice mate, walk around town with a stone in your shoe, this is much more thrilling than baseball or rounders as we call it in England.
Have I mentioned that girls play it here?..oh well! :slight_smile:

spogga, why have you insisted on coming into every baseball thread this week to tell everyone how much you hate baseball? Bugger off.

spogga, I grew up in Portlaoise right by the gaol, so don’t go on about yer feckin’ cricket or I’ll have to grab me hurley and clear out the cobwebs which have obviously impaired your thinking [sub] or what passes for thinking inside an Englishmans’ heid[/sub]:slight_smile:

MikeG, I am so jealous of you it hurts physically.

Jealous of what? That I am not going and am instead going shopping for girl stuff with my daughter? Or that my son gets to go?
If it were up to me, I’d give your son and mine the tix and tell them to meet us outside afterwards, but I’m kinda silly that way:)

Where are you going to watch the game?

I am jealous of your reading comprehension. I misunderstood your second post. Durr.

We’ll be at home, eating cheeseburgers and nachos and watching the game.

My ex is killing me here…

Andrew just called from school with a headache, I am having him lie down in the nurses’ office and drink some water, I called Anne to let her know and she says she was not 100% that she would take him and may take her bf instead and wants me to leave work and get Andrew…grrrr Did I mention that today is “her” day? I get them tomorrow, I hate joint custody I tells ya.

Thanks for going back on your word after I told him about the game :frowning:

So basically, I get to get the kids, one of whom is sick while she goes to the Cub game, she gets an extra day…remind me why I’m paying her so much child support again when she makes 2.5 times what I do?

Off to call school.

I need to go to one of these games. I may fly to Miami. That is all I have to say. My bones ache for this.

I am seriously considering driving over to Miami later this week (from Tampa). I can wear my Wrigley Field tie-dye and my vintage Cub hat. I might get a sympathy ticket that way, I would think.

To the OP, buy the little lady (daughter) a Cubs championship hat :slight_smile:

I could hate you without too much trouble. When I was a kid I would have given anything just to see Wrigley Field. My friend and I used to listen to Dutch Reagan recreate the Cubs’ games via teletype on WHO Des Moines every day in the summer time.

The year the Cubs won 21 straight to win the pennant from the Cards with Gabby Hartnett hitting a home run in the dark in the last game of the season - WOW!