A friend sent me this wikipedia article the other day. It had me in stitches so I was trying to find somewhere that I could buy a small amount to give her as a gift (i have no idea what the retail value of this stuff is).

The thing is I can’t find anywhere on the web that sells retail cummingtonite. Can you dopers point me in the right direction?
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Well, one problem, and the Wiki cite backs up my geology book on this, is that cummingtonite is an asbestos and is probably restricted due to health reasons.

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Ah yes. Thank you Ludovic. I probably should have picked up on that.

In its natural form, it shouldn’t present a health risk. According to my rock book, this form is only of interest to scientists and rock collectors. Check your local rock shops. Here’s a link to the Woolly Mammoth Rock Shop and Museum, my own very favorite. They have a bit of everything. E-mail them and ask. If they won’t ship it to you, I might be able to help you, if you’re willing to pay for the rock and postage.

Thanks a lot picnurse! I emailed them just now. I’ll be sure to follow up with you if they can’t help.

I’m a geology student, and I’m pretty sure I have some. I remember laughing at the name (under my breath, of course) when my prof first told us what the mineral was. I’d send you some, but it is in a metamorphosed rock and isn’t easily identifiable or separated.

My e-mail addy is in my profile. Be sure to put SDMB in the title so I don’t dump it as spam.
Good luck.